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Because Why Not? Memes On Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5

Spoilers Ahead. Ring The Bells !!

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What we understand after watching Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: never underestimate the power of a dragon. Moreover, a mother, who lost her two kids and everyone close to her heart, is bound to go mad. We had many theories in front of us before the episode 5 was released and only few of them made some sense. But Dany turning into mad queen was expected. Now, 99.9% of the fans can literally be classified as Official Haters of the show after the mad queen entered berserk mode. Well, you asked for Dracarys to work, didn’t you? On a side note, here we are again with memes to lighten the mood because we bet you are just as shook as us.

Happy Mother’s Day Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons

Daenerys of the House Targaryen, The First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Protector of The Realm, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains. Is that how you celebrate mother’s day Lady?

Does anyone know a good smoke and fire damage restoration company?

Main reason why Daenerys misses Missandei:

Seems like Hitler was secretly a Targaryen.

Daenerys Targaryen is a bipolar.

Does anyone know what varys was writing all day on those papers?

Dany! Why though?

GOT world is doomed.

Dany teaching how to use the insects spray:

Critics out there looking at Dany like she is an alien:

So you name the episode “The Bells”

Know anyone who owns that “I’m not a princess. I’m a khaleesi” t-shirt?

Jon Snow’s Next Move in Game of Thrones

Mic Dropped.

How Will Cersei Die? We Lost All The Bets

An end to the 100 theories on how Cersei will die. She makes a narrow escape:

and then…BAM!

In Case If You Are Wondering What’s Happening In Winterfell

Bran is not that useless.

Tormund truly loved Brienne in his own wildling way.

Lady Sansa Stark is celebrating her honeymoon with her bae.

A Girl Scared The Bejesus Out Of Us

She really did it. Mini heart attacks back-to-back.

FYI ! D&D Are Switching Their Phones Off Next Week After Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale

Yes they admitted it. They are switching off their phones and taking their wives to a private place till all the hell settles down after Game of Thrones finale.

Final episode comes out next week. Hoping to see the best of memes soon.

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