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Arya Stark Working for Lord of Light in Game of Thrones?

Spoilers Ahead.

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It seems like everything in the Game of Thrones universe in season 8 is happening due to external forces. Ever since we were introduced to the concept of the Night King, the Three-Eyed Raven and the Lord of Light (R’hllor), we have been seeing miracles too crazy even for a place like Westeros.  We recently talked about how it’s possible Jon Snow will kill himself for Daenerys Targaryen because that’s what Lord of Light wants. But, who else may be working for the mysterious Lord of Light? Could it be the one who defeated the Night King: Arya Stark?

Arya Stark and Melisandre Meet Before She Kills the Night King

Melisandre already knew she was going to meet Arya Stark again. She even prophesied that she would be the one to kill the Night King.

This even theorizes that Cersei would be Arya’s next target. But, we’re assuming the show runners would give that momentous victory to either Daenerys Targaryen/ Khaleesi or Jon Snow/ Aegon Targaryen.

The point is that the Red Woman knew about Arya’s destiny. Sure, she has been wrong about others before such as Stannis Baratheon. But she was right about Arya. Since, the Red Woman only lives and works for the Lord of the Light, that could mean that Arya’s destiny is also linked to the very same God.

This fact could be known by Beric Dondarrion as well as he sacrificed his life to keep Arya Stark alive in the House of Stark castle when they were in the Battle of Winterfell.

But, it doesn’t just stop there.

The Faceless Man Also Probably Works for the Lord of Light

This is actually a bit of stretch since neither the book nor the show fully clarifies who the Faceless man follows religiously. See, R’hollor is the Lord of Light, he’s associated with fire and hence his titles are “Red God”, “Heart of Fire”, and “God of Flame and Shadow”.

George R.R. Martin has stated that his R’hollor religion finds inspiration from Zoroastrianism: a ditheistic religion. That means that there is one true God who is battling with one evil entity. Since, fire and light represents R’hollor, coldness and darkness is associated with the “Great Other”.

The Faceless Man and Syrio Forel, both of which trained Arya and reside in the city of Braavos, worship the God of Death. Naturally, people associate death with darkness. This would indicate that they work for the Lord of the Light’s enemy.

But Jaqen H’ghar, the Faceless Man, has uttered the words in the show as well as the book “Valar Morghulis” and “Valar Dohaeris”. These are words that were once used by Lord of Light’s worshippers. Plus, Melisandre herself says these words as well.

A likely theory that resolves this confusion is that the “Many Faced God of Death” has all kinds of Gods in it: implying that Lord of Light is actually part of God of Death. The Headquarters of the Faceless Men in Braavos, House of Black and White, has statues in the main sanctuary. And it’s clearly seen that a stature of a fiery heart, representing Lord of Light, is also present.

So, Arya is probably going to King’s Landing to follow more of R’hollor’s orders, one of which might be to kill Cersei. That is, if Jaime doesn’t kill Cersei first.

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