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Daenerys Targaryen Is A Jumbo Sized Dragon In Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5

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Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 is about to be aired within few hours and fan theories are falling like meteors. The most interesting theories include Bran Stark being the True Night King, Bran Stark being the Lord of the Light, Arya Stark killing Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark killing Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister killing Cersei Lannister and on and on. The latest theory these days is Daenerys Targaryen turning into a jumbo sized dragon in the upcoming episode. Some will claim it sounds extremely illogical. However, a person named Ryan Caldwell came up with a poetic and most legit proof on Medium that Daenerys, herself, will turn into a dragon.

Proof In Opening Theme of Game Of Thrones Season 8

As Caldwell claims, the truth has been right in front of our eyes this whole time and we never paid enough attention to the details. We know the show-runners modify the opening theme of Game of Thrones in every season. They have done the same in season 8 as well. We noticed the stones turning white in the opening theme this time, depicting the Wights coming through the broken wall and leading to Winterfell. This scene was later shown in the show when wights and the Night King reached Winterfell and vanished into thin air after Arya Stark stabbed the Night King.

What happens next in the opening theme? It is the King’s Landing where we see a scorpion bolt aiming towards 2 small and one big dragon head. The very next image is three smaller dragons and one huge dragon. We literally had to check it ourselves. Yes, it is true! One big mommy dragon is right there in the King’s Landing.

The Scorpion’s bullet is visible at 1:19 and the mother with her dragons is shown at 1:33.

Season 1: Khal’s Death- Going Down The Memory Lane

Remember the time when Khal Drogo was dying and Daenerys Targaryen tried to save his life? She was pregnant with his kid at the time. She called in a witch, who was enslaved by the Dothraki, and asked her to perform black magic to save Khal’s life. Mirri, the witch, told Daenerys that there is a spell involving death.

This is blood magic. Only death pays for life.

Mirri demands Khal’s horse to complete the forbidden blood magic. However, she also warns that no one should enter the tent once she begins the chanting. Long story short, Daenerys is pushed on to the floor by one of the warriors and her womb starts aching; resulting in pre-mature delivery of her baby. Since no other midwife comes forward to help her, Ser Jorah Mormont takes Dany to the tent where Mirri is performing the forbidden black magic.

Khaleesi wakes up later and demands for her son. Mirri tells her the baby was monstrous.

Monstrous. Twisted. I pulled him out myself. He was scaled like a lizard. Blind, with leather wings, like the wings of a bat. When I touched him, his skin fell from his bones. Inside, he was full of graveworms. I warned you that only death can pay for life.

Daenerys demands to see Khal Drogo who is shown alive with open eyes, but an example of a living dead. Dany later suffocates him to death knowing he will not be normal again.

Season 1: Khal’s Funeral, Burning Pyre, Rise Of The Dragons

Does anyone remember how the dragons were hatched? Khal was on a pyre at his funeral. Daenerys’ dragon eggs were placed with him before his pyre was burned. Daenerys is shown walking into the burning flames right under the Khal’s body. Ser Jorah finds her the next morning. Her clothes are burnt to ashes and she is sitting there buck naked with three baby dragons in her lap. What does this tell us?

In Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 preview, Euron is shown looking at the sky and scared and shocked. Seems like Daenerys is flying in Dragon form.

Dragons are activated when they are burnt alive. (eggs are alive too)

Many Targaryens were consumed with visions of dragons. Some of them burned in attempts to fulfill their prophetic dreams of transformation to the dragon form. Viserys, Daenerys’ brother, was burnt by Khal Drogo and Daenerys stood there watching him.

He was no dragon.
Fire cannot kill a dragon

However, fire never harmed Daenerys. Hence, the name mother of the dragons.

Hulk to Bruce Banner/ Hyde to Jekyll

Just like Bruce Banner had an alter ego named Hulk and Jekyll had Hyde; Daenerys is Jumbo Sized Mommy Dragon. But who activates her alter ego? The theory says Cersei will dramatically bring Daenerys down. Just like Ramsey was killed by his own hounds, Cersei will try to burn Daenerys using wildfire. Daenerys was never burnt with wildfire. Cersei will have a smug face while Dany is being roasted.

Only death can pay for life.

And just like that, out of the green and brilliant firestorm, Daenerys will rise as a dragon only her ancestors dreamed of. Breaking the chains of her human form she will transform into the largest dragon ever seen. Not to forget she also suggested in Jimmy Kimmel show:

They’re going to be mental. Episode five is bigger. Find the biggest TV you can.

Does it mean a bigger dragon is coming? Because what else could be bigger than the Battle of Winterfell.

Who Kills Daenerys The Dragon?

After Daenerys Targaryen goes bonkers and kills Cersei, destroys king’s landing including the innocent children and women, someone has to stop her. Only love can kill her as predicted in the GOT Track titled Power Is Power. The exact lyrics personifying Daenerys Targaryen are:

I been down with the coldest war
And I know where I been ’cause I bled before, yeah
How do I know if I let you stay?
How do I know if we did it your way?
You wouldn’t take my place
Put me away, I’d die lookin’ up at your face
How do I ever know? Who can I trust?
Feelings of emptiness
Only love could kill me, God bless.

There is your answer. Jon Snow will kill the mad queen Daenerys The Dragon. He will realize Dany will never repay his love and she will stay mad forever. He kills her using his sword which comes out brightened by the burning flames, turning him into Azor Ahai; bearer of lightbringer. Lightbringer is the sword made of living fire and Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, will bear it.

Or it might be totally different. Perhaps, Jon Snow will kill himself for Daenerys Targaryen.

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