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Jon Snow Will Kill Himself for Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones: A Theory

Spoilers Ahead!

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Game of Thrones is nearing its end, and everyone has their host of theories. Some think Daenerys will become the mad queen, while some seem to think she will transform into a dragon herself. But, now we’re thinking that something more heart breaking might happen. We’re theorizing that Jon Snow will have to kill himself for Daenerys Targaryen. Not just because of his undying love for her, but also for the Lord of the Light. Before you discard it completely, do give us a moment to elaborate on it.

Those Who Are Revived, Thanks to Lord of Light, Have a Time Limit

Everyone who the Lord of Light has revived has ultimately died after fulfilling their purpose. We have solid examples with us: The Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Thoros of Myr is a Red Priest that follows the Lord of Light known as R’hollor and he’s an important member of Robert Baratheon’s court. He’s responsible for bringing back Beric Dondarrion; the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners. To date, he’s brought him back six times. In season 8, Thoros of Myr dies when he along with Jon Snow, Beric Dondarrion, Tormund, Gendry and Segor Clegane travelled to North of the Wall to capture a Wight. With his sudden death, it’s clear that when Beric dies, he won’t be able to come back. And in the Battle of Winterfell, we see Beric Dondarrion dying whilst acting as a barrier between the Wights and Arya Stark, Ser Davos and the Red Woman in the House of Stark’s castle.

Lord of Light Keeps Only Important People Alive Until They Have To Die

The Red Woman played a crucial role in this battle when she lit up the swords of the Dothraki and later the fire around the trenches; both extremely important moves with which the living could actually defeat the Wights and the Night King. If it weren’t for her, they would not have been successful. Moreover, in season 6 where Jon Snow dies before the Battle of the Bastards, Melisandre (The Red Woman) brings him back. We can all agree that Jon Snow is one of the most important players in the Thrones universe.

Coming back to the Red Woman, she killed herself or allowed herself to die when Jon, Dany and all their army had won the battle against the Wights. This indicates that Lord of Light’s followers and soldiers die once they know they have fulfilled their purpose in the world. They only live as much as the Lord of Light wants them to; something that Thoros, Beric and Melisandre all knew. It seems as if Jon Snow knows this as well, or perhaps he will when the time comes.

Jon Snow has a purpose to serve that is directly linked with the Lord of Light. After it is complete, he shall sacrifice his life for Dany.

Lord of Light Wants Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi) on the Iron Throne

Well, we are theorizing that the Lord of Light wishes to save the world. And who is hell-bent on reclaiming her reign on the Iron Throne in order to transform the world into a much better place? That would be the Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons: Daenarys Targaryen. Lord of Light wants Dany on the throne. It was probably by his will that she was came out unburnt in season 1 and came out with three living breathing dragons. Hence, everyone who was serving him was ultimately helping Daenarys Targaryen rule the Seven Kingdoms.

This also aligns with the fact that the High Priestess of the Red Temple believes that Daenerys Targaryen is Azhor Ahai: The Prince Who Was Promised.

Kinvara says that while the Lord of Light has a plan, the humans following him do occasionally make errors. Kinvara then assures Tyrion that she will send the preachers and priests best suited to the task at han

So, Jon Snow would have to serve that purpose as well. He needs to kill himself in order to ensure that she’s on the throne and more importantly, that she’s not mad. Firstly, Jon Snow dying will secure her right to the throne since we know he’s Aegon Targaryen – a fact that Sansa, Arya, Tyrion and Lord Varys know. It was also clear that Varys will stop at nothing to spread that news like wildfire. This is a threat to Dany’s claim to the throne; hence Jon dying will remove that threat.

Moreover, there are quite a lot of theories out there that are thinking that Dany will become the Mad Queen. After she lost Ser Jorah Mormont and Missandei, she is stricken with grief. The fact that she is shown as uncompromising on the Iron Throne may indicate that she’s following the footsteps of her father; but Jon Snow may prevent that by killing himself. Perhaps, it would compel Daenerys Targaryen to rethink her choices and end her madness.

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