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The Beautiful Bond of Brandon Maxwell and Lady Gaga That Led to her Met Gala 2019 Look

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The Met Gala 2019 might be over, but there’s plenty to discuss especially as the attendees’ brought iconic style moments to the red carpet. It’s definitely hard to dispute that Lady Gaga brought with herself one of the biggest beauty moments.

Apart from carrying spiky gold lashes – which were so heavy her eyes had to be taped open – Gaga changed into four different outfits on the red carpet! Much like every year, Brandon Maxwell created her Met Gala look this year as well. In fact, he even accompanied her to witness and assist her transformations on the entrance.

The production of Lady Gaga’s Met Gala look goes way deeper than fashion. Maxwell and Gaga have been friends ever since he designed her first Met look ten years ago. Now that this one was such an iconic success, Maxwell has publicly spoken up about his bond with the A Star is Born actress.

Lady Gaga Makes a Solid Entrance with 4 Outfits at Met Gala 2019

Being a co-chair at the Met Gala, its no surprise that Lady Gaga took time out to shine. She arrived amidst many men carrying her train. But her appearance was followed by a pink wagon carrying some clear Brandon Maxwell bags – each of which contained their own Champagne bottle.

All the dresses were spectacular, but the next one always seemed better than the last one.  Look number 1 was a magenta gown which swelled up on the red carpet as the men carrying her train billowed it. Next up, she changed into a black dress with a black bustle. But to complete that look, she even opened up an umbrella. As she spun and posed with her umbrella on the Met Steps, look 2 vanished as Gaga exploded into her third outfit for the evening which was pink again! This one closely resembled a chic Barbie doll in the modern age. But look number four soon appeared which Lady Gaga seemed most comfortable in. For her last outfit, she sported a sparkly black black lingerie. While she wore her hair in a bob with bows, the look was accompanied with interesting accessories.

Four phenomenal looks and transformations right on the red carpet are enough to reveal that Lady Gaga left no stone unturned for Met Gala 2019.

Lady Gaga and Brandon Maxwell Friends Ever Since Met Gala Ten Years Back

Looks like Lady Gaga and Brandon Maxwell are as obsessed from her Met Gala 2019 looks as we are. Maxwell took to Instagram to share quite a few snaps from her different looks, and finally posting his last one. In fact, he even promised to make sure it was his last Met Gala post. Alongside a picture of him kissing Gaga’s cheek on the red carpet, Maxwell shared the depth of their friendship.

Tracing it right back to the origins, the designer recalled entering through a back door with his bags to help his friend Gaga get ready for her first Met Gala performance. Now fast-forwarding to Met Gala 2019, Maxwell accompanied her to the red carpet having the opportunity to design four different dresses for her. He claimed that in between these two momentous nights, there was a wondrous friendship. Lady Gaga has always supported him; propelling him to achieve things with integrity and hard work.

Maxwell even believes he is lucky to see her for the star she really is behind the screen and stage. Brandon thanked his friend Gaga for everything, stating that the ‘grateful’ wouldn’t be enough for her.

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I promise this will be my last #metgala post! But first, I wanted to take a minute to talk about friendship. 10 years ago on the night of the Met Gala I entered through a back door, bags in hand, and helped my friend @ladygaga change in to her performance outfit for her first Met Gala, where she would sing all her hits and dazzle the fashion crowd. 10 years later I walked in the front door hand in hand with her, having had the opportunity to design 4 outfits for her. In between these two nights, which were both momentous for me, a long and wondrous relationship has both sustained me and propelled me to believe I could walk through any door, so long as I did it with integrity and hard work. The world sees the moments on a carpet, the moments on stage, but I’ve been fortunate enough to see the moments behind the curtain that truly define what makes a star a star. There has never been a moment in our friendship where I did not feel that I was supported, that I did not feel that my best interests were put first, where I did not feel anything other than complete love and respect. She has pushed me to be better, to do better, and to achieve my dreams farther than I even could have imagined them to go. We were once two kids that had crazy dreams, a love for the performance and the show, a respect for the craft and those that came before, and now we are two adults who have held hands through many storms, and come out smiling on the other side. Friendship and loyalty are important, especially in our industries, and I’m so blessed to have been witness to the greatest example. Love your friends for who they are, and where they are, ride the ride together, be proud, because no success is worth it without the ones you love. Thank you all so much for your love and kindness this week, grateful would not be a strong enough word for how I truly feel. We had so much fun!

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Lady Gaga believes that she herself could not phrase their bond better than Brandon Maxwell did. With her friend adding a lot of thought and effort into her Met Gala look, shouldn’t she just win this year’s Met?

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