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Starbucks Debut Entry In Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 titled The last of the Starks was full of controversies. Keeping everything aside, what surprised us the most is a Starbucks cup in the Winterfell. Fans are not really happy with the season 8 so far. Even the Battle of Winterfell a.k.a The Long Night could not deter their views. All they needed was a solid error in the production to vent out some more hatred after 2 years wait. And it seems like they did not have to wait for long.

Metal Goblets Vs. Starbucks Cup

While the series is based on medieval fantasy world full of magic, warriors, heroism and dragons, appearance of Starbucks cup highlights the negligence of the series creators. We see the survivors of Battle of Winterfell enjoy their feast with booze in Metal Goblets and hollowed out Animal Horns. And there right in front of Jon’s empty seat is a modern day Starbucks Cup which can be seen during a shot of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4.

What Creators Have To Say About This?

Many memes followed the episode and proclaimed that probably Queen Daenerys needed her caffeine fix before the next battle. While some fans found it hilarious, others were angered at the blunder and started questioning production of the Game of Thrones series. The creators have not issued any statement yet however Starbucks Official tweeted their statement:

While Adobe Team did not stay behind as well. They were right there to solve the problem and market their Adobe After Effects features:

That’s not it. Someone has a photographic memory and shared a similar blunder few seasons back:

If you look closely, you will see Jaime Lannister holding a Segafredo Coffee Cup in his hand. But true fans are saying this maybe a behind the scenes shot.

Well., everyone needs their coffee. Leave the poor souls alone and enjoy these additional memes:

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