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Memes On Game Of Thrones’ Season 8’s Episode 4 “Last of the Starks”

Spoilers Ahead, obviously.

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There are two kind of Game of Thrones fans. One who are too curious to see what will happen next. And the others who are waiting for the episode to come out so they can pick the right moments and turn them into hilarious memes and tweets. The same happened when the Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 4 finally came out. The memes frequency was low after Episode 3, however, the nerds are back in action.

And of course, spoilers ahead.

Here Comes The Ghost

Fans are unhappy and claim show-runners are not doing justice with Ghost. Since Episode 2, everyone wanted to see more of the lone dire-wolf left in Winterfell. However, it seems like the fans could not hold for more episodes. After what happened in Episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 8, fans got creative with the memes and we have to admit; the creativity is at its peak:

True that. You cannot really blame Ghost if he joins the army against Daenerys Targaryen; the one who stole his owner.

And become the first dire-wolf to ride a dragon.

This would be a good idea. A spinoff Ghost and Tormund deserve as well.

Cannot really blame the good old wolfie.

Sansa Stark Is A Gossip Girl

Sansa’s role has taken an interesting twist in the series. She became the gossip girl and if continues her current charade; she will be sitting on the iron throne by the end of series.

Drogon Is Having Performance Issues

Drogon lost his brothers and he is having performance issues now. Everyone is focusing on Daenerys who lost her babies aka dragons. No one is offering sincere condolences to Drogon.

Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes…….Green Eyes

Fans were recently reminded of the Arya Stark’s Kill List based on eye colors of her enemies. Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes are killed by her. Everyone was focusing on Cersei; the green-eyed queen which Arya will be killing in next episode. Surprisingly, they just got reminded that Daenerys has green eyes too.

Starbucks Makes Debut Appearance On Game Of Thrones

No words needed to describe what went down during the feast. Someone forgot a Starbucks cup on the head table.

You Didn’t See This Coming

No you didn’t. D&D have a came appearance in Game of Thrones as two wildlings; the free folk.

And Bran is done with his shift.

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