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Leslie Jones Live-Tweets Game of Thrones Spoilers

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The popular comedian Leslie Jones has had a new idea of what’s hilarious. But looks like not everybody shares the same sense of humor. In fact, with her latest attempt at comedy, people might be actually infuriated. After all, spoiling the Battle of Winterfell from Game of Thrones season 8 is no joke to many out here. Regardless of how people might react, Leslie has been live-tweeting spoilers. Apart from ruining the scenes with her constant spilling, Jones also posted her reactions to the battle. As pissed as fans might be, her reactions were totally epic and exciting.

Leslie Jones Accompanies Her Thoughts on Winterfell with Clips from Game of Thrones

Unlike many on Twitter, Leslie Jones had a completely different style of narration for the day. She described her feelings with not just words, but also clips from the actual battle of Winterfell to keep it live. But she did inform her followers that she was going to post spoilers with the video of opening credits asking them to unsubscribe her Twitter feed if they had an issue with it.

Soon afterwards, she expressed that she was really scared. But later she transformed her fear into passion claiming that she was absolutely ready for the battle of Winterfell to begin.

Throughout this live-tweeting, fans must have realized that Jones resorts to making jokes when she is under pressure or scared. During Game of Thrones, she cracked a sexual joke about Gendry, but immediately clarified that it was no time for jokes.

Just like many of us, Leslie also commented on Bran simply being useless enough to watch the fight. She claimed that it was similar to when she’s drunk at the club watching her friends get into a fight.

But Bran was not the only character that got attention because she made several tweets about Melisandre on how people can change, and why was she taking so long to start the fire. As for Sansa Stark, she offered her some words of encouragement.

As for when Arya Stark kills Night King, the comedian could not be more thrilled in declaring her a warrior.

Throughout it all, Leslie Jones had many questions on why Davos wanted to kill Melisandre, and how high did dragons fly. But at one point, she even felt like discontinuing watching the battle of Winterfell because it was just like a zombie movie.

After major spoilers, Leslie finally declared it one hell of an ending. In fact, she even predicted that Game of Thrones might soon grab awards at every show for this spectacular episode.

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