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Memes On Emotions on The Battle of Winterfell Game of Thrones


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The battle of Winterfell might be the highlight of Game of Thrones season 8. Did you ever imagine that Arya Stark would end up killing the Night King? Or Lyanna Mormont will die a heroic death bringing down one of King’s bravest soldiers. But amidst everything, people are venting their feelings online about all of it – from Bran being useless to the episode being too dark. Memes have taken the internet over by storm, and needless to say, each ones more hilarious than the other!

Mostly, a lot of people are complaining on how they needed lights for this episode because its a bit too dark.

But isn’t it for the best? You can avoid what you are scared of!

Looks like some fans come with preparation. Although we weren’t expecting Arya Stark to kill of Night King in Game of Thrones, we did know someone was up for death!

Can you blame Night King for losing? Seems like some people can because common opinion has it he wasn’t prepared for a battle like Winterfell!

You can make your peace with everything in the Battle of Winterfell maybe. But registering that its actually Arya Stark who took the Night King’s life? Well, that’s a bit too much!

Or maybe all this happened because Bran was trusted with a responsibility he is not capable of?

Game of Thrones season 8 has probably blown everyone off their minds. But before the internet adjusts to the battle of Winterfell, GOT will be back with Sunday’s episode on the aftermath!

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