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Game of Thrones Season 8: Interesting Theory About Battle of Winterfell

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There have been plenty of Game of Thrones fan theories out there ever since the show’s anticipated premiere. Some are kind of ridiculous like The Night King supposedly using Winterfell as a diversion to attack King’s Landing, but some are really interesting to think about.

The Crypt Theory

But one which has been shared by Vulture. The theory regarding the Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones’ season 8 episode 3.

A blogger named Steven Attewell was asked about the crypts in Winterfell. People were worried to put all the people that weren’t taking a part in the battle, the children and women, inside a place where the dead are buried. Won’t the Night King just resurrect them all and use it to attack the defenseless?

Though, the Song of Ice and Fire blogger, Attewell talked about how there’s actually a good reason behind that. The Starks of the past were apparently smarter than we give them credit for. Hence, the old Starks buries their dead with iron swords.


Because the dead Starks will actually rise up and protect the defenseless and not attack them as many theories out there will lead you to believe.

Why does this Theory Work

The theory works in a lot of ways because it still manages to surprise the fans of Game of Thrones who have long come to expect the show creators to be ruthless with its characters. If this happens to be true, then the show runners would be going out of their way to save the characters that are taking refuge in the Crypt. Moreover, for loyal and true Stark fans, it’s like a little gift to them for staying loyal to the fictional House for so long.

The best reason is that it aligns with George R.R. Martin’s books as well. We’ve already been acquainted with the idea that Winterfell is no ordinary place. To protect its inhabitants from the cruel Winter, it would have special features that none of us can expect.

Winterfell was perhaps the most perfect option for the remaining character to reunite after all those years. It was most suitable place to act as a defense against the White Walkers and the Night King.

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