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Avengers: Endgame Star Robert Downey Jr. Hilariously Mocks Tom Holland Tendency to Give Spoilers

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The Avengers: Endgame cast has multiple reasons to celebrate now that the movie is out. Apart from being a global office success and bringing in millions of dollars just on the premiere day, the movie has done a lot more. The cast members are finally relieved of their endless worries about accidentally revealing the spoilers. Especially, when facing the public. It looks like someone in the superhero squad is not as good with secrets as you might hope, and no we’re not talking about Mark Ruffalo.

Now that Avengers: Endgame is out, Robert Downey Jr and other cast members are free of their spoiler protection duties.And that means they should not be worried about Spiderman from accidentally revealing everything.

Iron Man On the Lookout for Spider Man Giving Out Spoilers

Since the Spider Man star is so bad at keeping secrets, Benedict Cumberbatch has had to become his child-minder for quite some time in the past as well! He’s not the only one either.

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) himself is mocking Tom Holland for his spoiler spills too. Did you ever imagine a superhero being incapable of keeping important plot points to themselves?

Keeping this in mind, Downey Jr decided to use the 60’s Spider Man cartoon to poke fun at the whole situation. What could be better than a Spider Man meme to mock Tom Holland and his loose lips?

When Holland is getting all the heat so is Mark Ruffalo. Apparently, The Hulk is also glad that the movie is out because he was sick of keeping secret. He tweeted that now that Avengers: Endgame was out, people could live freely without fearing that he might spoil it for them.

For those of you who have already seen it, let the greatest battle in the universe remain a surprise for the rest!

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