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Will Shane Dawson Make a Video About the College Scam

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The popular YouTube Shane Dawson seems to have developed a recent obsession. But this time, its nothing related to his latest interest in makeup or Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Collection. Instead, the YouTuber now is becoming obsessed with the college scam scandal which is enough to blow anybody’s mind. But is it just something he likes knowing about? Or is Dawson planning on doing a series on this too?

Shane Dawson Developing an Interest in College Scam Scandal: Will We Get a Video Soon

Shane Dawson took to Twitter to talk about his latest interests and obsessions. But let’s just admit that this one has swept us off our feet because nobody was quite expecting it. The YouTuber has shared that this time he is into the college scam case. Apparently, this one is extra special because, in so many years, he does not remember being obsessed with anything so much.

Dawson is unable to control himself from attempting to discover more about the whole scandal. He claims that he just can not stop viewing the many videos and reading numerous articles based on this which are everywhere on the internet. He even questioned if somebody shares an interest in it, or was he just alone.

While people immediately started expressing their thoughts about the college scam case underneath the post, some talked about how Shane might be getting political.

Recently, Dawson is filming a mega-series with Jeffree Star about the make-up industry. But, there might be a chance that Shane takes a break and makes a video in the college scam case!

What is the College Scam Case?

The college scam case has notably brought 50 people into light with one of the greatest bribery scandals in college history. In fact, Full House star Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives have also been charged.

In this case, there are two different parts of the scheme. Firstly, it claims that parents supposedly paid an admissions consultant by the name of William Rick Singer to bribe coaches at certain schools to accept their children even when they had no athletic ability. Secondly, test-prep moderators are accused of accepting bribes by Singer to correct student’s answers on the ACT and SAT entrance exams.

While the case is still in progress, many celebrities including Kim Kardashian have become involved in expressing their views. Shane Dawson is the latest one to talk about it.

Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, writer, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality. He was one of the first people to rise to fame on the video-sharing website YouTube and has since maintained an online presence.

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