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Gabbie Hanna Fakes Going to Coachella

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The popular YouTuber Gabbie Hanna who is also prominent as The Gabbie Show just pulled off the greatest stunt of the year.  While you might have judged from her social media that she was enjoying Coachella weekend 2, it’s actually not the case. Don’t believe whatever you see just yet!

You see, there’s a whole new story into Gabbie’s presence at the music and arts festival. It turns out that she actually staged the whole thing. In fact, she’s even giving out a whole tutorial on how she managed to attempt it well.

But why did she do it? Does she have something against Coachella in general? Or was she just trying to prove a point?

Gabbie Hanna Not Fond of Coachella At All

In her new YouTube video, Gabbie Hanna has explained the motivation behind this idea to fake a Coachella visit. Apparently, its nothing new and another blogger already faked a trip to Disneyland. But since Hanna has never been a fan of Coachella over the past few years, she decided to give this one a shot and see the real deal with all the social media posts. However, she admits not having anything personal against the festival. Instead, it’s just her introverted personality who prefers the comfort of their home instead of being in extreme weathers inside a desert for a weekend.

Gabbie herself believes that as an artist she should be honored to ever become a part of the Coachella lineup. But maybe, events of the sort just did not suit her nature. Plus, the point of pooling in hundreds and thousands of dollars on clothes, hair, makeup, travel and accommodation did not sound suitable to her. Especially, for an event that is not even worth her attention. But since she has observed how a particular celebrity gained hundreds of thousands followers just because of their Coachella weekend, she realizes how people consider it an investment.

Throughout the rest of the 23-minute long video, Gabbie Hanna explained how she used help from particular friends. Plus, some Photoshop and editing abilities and certain tricks here and there made the Coachella weekend pictures seem real. In fact, she even chose out her outfits, planning on her hair and doing her makeup.

Gabbie Hanna Shares Fake Coachella Weekend on Instagram

Since one aim of doing the whole fake drama was to get social media posts on this weekend, Gabbie decided to post a lot of them on Instagram. While she wrote long detailed captions explaining that she faked it all, she expressed her feelings about the whole affair in one post. She clarified that she was not actually there, but only pretended to go. But this one sounded much more believable to her than actually going. While admitting that she had fun on this one, she gave her Photoshop editor all the due credits. Well, he did make it seem very real!

Coachella seems to be a big deal since many YouTubers including James Charles and celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner made appearances.

Gabbie Hanna is an American Internet personality, author, comedian, actress, and singer-songwriter. She started her career on the streaming service Vine, under the name The Gabbie Show, then started a YouTube channel with the same name a year later; both were nominated for several awards.

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