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Trisha Paytas Venturing Into a New Career & Identity Post Breakup

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Lately, Trisha Paytas has been acting in a way that is making her followers a bit concerned. Everyone is assuming that may be going through a rough patch due to her possible break-up with long-time boyfriend Jason Nash. Neither she or Nash have made any official confirmations as of yet. Though, we are sure of one thing. Trisha Paytas is putting all her time and energy into her career. More specifically, her patreon career. And well, the website trishyland.com, is targeted at a mature audience that are looking for pornographic content.

There is no problem with Trisha Paytas choosing whatever profession she wants to. The problem is that she’s posting such content on her Instagram account as well. The account that people of all age groups follow. People aren’t really proud of her for not keeping that in mind.

Some true fans of Trisha are believing that her Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked. It’s because her recent posts showcasing inappropriate content had no captions and her tweets were too blunt. This was confusing for a lot of the public following her since they thought the community guidelines of these platforms would not allow such posts. But, it seems that it was Trisha herself.

What Caused the Change in Behavior?

We are still curious to know what caused the sudden change in behavior. Perhaps, it was her recent break-up with Jason Nash. It seems as if Paytas is trying to recreate her identity. She has not been seen in any of Nash’s videos. The fact that she was vacationing in Maui without Jason Nash further added credibility to this break-up theory.

She hasn’t even been featuring in David Dobrik’s vlog videos. That’s no surprise though. A few months prior, she was involved in some serious drama with Dobrik and the entire vlog squad as she called them out in a now deleted video. Even though Paytas, Dobrik and Nash resolved the issue, it was clear things weren’t going to be the same again.

Trisha Paytas Offers an Explanation

Her followers kept demanding some explanation on her recent posts. She had a choice of staying silent on the comments but she decided to provide an explanation about everything. Trisha has addressed her critics’ cynical comments in her recent Instagram stories.

Why am i trending? what happened?

After seeing herself trending on twitter, maybe she did some homework and decided to openly address it. This is what she has to say:

Everyone is so concerned about my posts today. I have an a**. I have a naked body and I like to be naked. Clothes are just something that man has made to consume our money. Let me show my body. Let me show the work of art that god created. Okay?

She certainly has worked hard to get the image she was striving for. It just looks like she wanted to appreciate her body in a way.

A bit of Contradiction?

A few days back, Trisha tweeted about people posting too many stories on Instagram.

It’s odd how she decided to not follow her own advice. Though, we can only hope the best for this YouTuber and self-made entrepreneur.

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