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Ian Somerhalder Foundation Urges Us To Be Grateful About Our Planet On This Earth Day

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The popular actor Ian Somerhalder has been successfully running his own organization for the protection of the environment. In fact, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation has been doing great recently. Apart from simply campaigning and generating awareness, it has also made sizable donations and contributions to the mission. Now as the world celebrates Earth Day, the foundation is encouraging everybody to be grateful for the planet.

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Celebrates Earth Day by Honoring the Planet

Ian Somerhalder Foundation took to Instagram to dedicate a whole post in honor of Earth Day. In fact, according to their aim and mission, every day on the planet should be Earth Day. As for the rest of the message, while the organization decided to encourage people to help work towards the environment, they publicly bragged about their achievements to the society at large.

The ISF has successfully already made its first 2019 contribution to saving nature. It made its environmental grant of the year by assisting and donating to clean up 2000 lbs of trash in the world. However, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation realizes that it solely relies on the contributions and support of its members and followers. In order to support the environment, all animals and youth, it needs to be able to raise funds. Without the public providing grants, the organization will never be able to succeed in its mission.

In its Earth Day post, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) invited people to donate to their cause or show any form of support. Followers can also sign up for their own area or city or country cleanups with the organization.

The foundation also made another post on the importance of Earth Day. It reminded us that it is this is an occasion that celebrates our planet in a way where we learn to appreciate it more. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation believes that on this day, the residents on the planet should make certain promises to Earth. But not just the Earth, but to one another as well on how they will help protects its environment.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation works to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

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