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Arya Stark Deserved That Moment With Gendry in Game of Thrones Season 8

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Given the rabid fan base Game of Thrones has garnered, people are watching the latest episodes as it airs. From discussing the most iconic moments in the episode to theorizing on what will happen next, the internet is pretty much filled with everything Game of Thrones. Though, one scene in Game of Thrones season 8’s episode 2 has everyone shook. Yes, we are talking about that Arya Stark scene with Gendry.

Arya Losing Her Innocence On Game of Thrones

We have seen multiple women lose their innocence on the show. From Daenerys Targaryen to Sansa Stark and countless other women, this is something we have expected from the show. Yet, fans were still surprised to see how the show runners gave us this intimate scene with Arya (Maisie Williams) and Gendry (Joe Dempsie).

The only problem fans have is that they have seen Maisie Williams grow up on the show. On the pilot of Game of Thrones, she was just 11. Even though she is now 22, people can’t seem to comprehend that she has grown up. They still view her as a young girl that’s still struggling against her fate and striving to avenge her family who was wronged. We were so absorbed in Arya’s survival journey that we started seeing her as someone who was just a survivor. We forgot that she’s still very much human.

Arya Stark’s Grueling Journey on Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams Arya Stark Game of Thrones Journey

Let’s take a quick recap on the horrifying journey Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) had to go through in Game of Thrones. After she arrived at King’s Landing in season 1 with her father Ned Stark and sister Sansa Stark, her life of comfort slowly turned into a horrifying nightmare. She had her father executed due to Joffrey and his mother Cersei. In order to escape, she had to be disguised as a boy that’s recruited for The Night’s Watch. It’s there where she first meets her eventual love interest: Gendry. She also met another important man in her life, Jaqen H’ghar, the faceless man.

Ultimately, Arya Stark and her travelling companies are captured by Segor Clegane, or more popularly known as The Hound. After suffering so much, Arya has to deal with the fact that her companions are leaving her to join the Brotherhood Without Banners, who follow the Lord of the Light. This is the last she sees of Gendry before reuniting with him in season 8.

Arya’s Complicated Relationships with Her Only Companions

Game of Thrones Season 8 Maisie Williams Arya Stark Gendry The Hound

Arya hopes to find her remaining family members but is captured by The Hound. The Hound and Arya have a bit of complex relationship. Despite being able to kill her at any time, The Hound does not do that. He, in fact, does everything he can to protect her life. Of course, his main intention is getting a reward in exchange for giving Arya Stark to multiple people over the course of their journey. Yet each time, they have to deal with failed encounters. Each time, The Hound is adamant in protecting the little girl who also happens to be annoying to him.

Maisie Williams’s character also arrives at the Red Wedding, where she finds out that her mother Catelyn Stark, brother Robb Stark and his pregnant wife have all been murdered by the Frey House.After this scene, she is even more convinced to avenge the death of her family and members of the House Stark. Her list of people she has to kill grows by the day.

Her journey leads her to find the city of Braavos, where the Faceless Man resides. There she starts her grueling training in becoming a faceless assassin. Apart from dealing with blindness, she has to protect herself from being killed by the Faceless Man’s assistant: Waif.

It’s safe to say that Arya Stark’s survivor journey has been anything but easy.

Arya Stark Deserves To Do Whatever She Wants

Game of Thrones Season 8 Arya Stark Maisie Williams

Not only did she endure the hardships that came her way, she was mostly alone during those times. The companions she had weren’t really as loving and caring as she needed them to be;  nor were they there for her throughout her journey. Maisie Williams’ character learned how to survive entirely on her own, knowing she could only depend on herself. Moreover, while doing so, she managed to avenge her family countless times.

She killed Meryn Trant (who killed her dancing master Syrio Forel), Polliver (who killed her friend Lommy), Walder Frey (for being the main reason her brother and mother were killed in the Red Weding), and even Littlefinger last season when he was trying to create a rift between her and Sansa.

Arya is nothing short of brave and courageous. And after enduring such a difficult journey, she just wants to have an intimate connection with someone she trusts: Gendry (Joe Dempsie). Of course, it’s a bit odd to see the young Maisie Williams you’ve seen grow on the show to suddenly showcase this desire. But we can all agree that Arya Stark deserves to do whatever she wants now. The wish to have a human connection is something a true survivor like her really needs.

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