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Antoni Wishing Tan France a Happy Birthday is the Positive Energy We Need

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The popular model and food expert from Queer Eye has wished his costar Tan France his birthday on Instagram. But it’s no ordinary wish because Antoni has rambled on about everything from his birth to his present.

In fact, he also gave out a collection of Tan’s most flattering moments. Now as France celebrates his birthday, he has shared some interesting plans for the day. But is he serious or just having some birthday fun? We’ll probably never know!

Antoni Porowski Writes Emotional Birthday Post for Tan France

Antoni shared some memorable pictures of the duo on Instagram adding a much longer and unexpected caption alongside them. Apparently, he believes that these pictures are a recollection of Tan’s natural beauty. He began paying tribute to France’s mother who brought the guy into the world in a small village in Pakistan 41 years ago. But a little humor does not hurt any birthday wish, does it?

After mentioning how his friend’s real name is Tanny Banny Fofanny France, Porowski joked how France enjoyed his Greek yogurt and green tea face mask routine while he was still pooping his diaper. But taking it from there, Antoni decided to create a relevance to France’s passion which remains fashion. He added how his rebellious nature forced him to introduce the crop top to free the belly button. Then, he decided to change the fact that people wore blacks and whites by convincing them to incorporate bold prints and pops of color.

After dedicating one whole paragraph to Tan France and his contribution to fashion, Antoni decided to talk about his other roles. He claimed that Tan has always given unconditional love, support, unsolicited advice, and endless kindness in the form of friendship. Antoni went on to express how grateful he was for it.

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41 years ago today, in a small village in Pakistan, a lovely woman we are all indebted to, eternally, gave birth to Tanny Banny Fofanny France (actual name). From his early days on earth, he was not like the other boys. He demanded his mother’s milk be used for tres leches cake, and started his Greek yoghurt & green tea face mask routine while he was still pooping his diaper, into which he would tuck custom bedazzled kurtas. As he grew older, his rebellious nature continued to be apparent when he decided to “free the belly button” and literally invented what is now known as the modern day crop top. As if that wasn’t enough, until 2018, the world had only worn black and white clothing. Tan decided to change the world’s view on overall fashion and started encouraging people to incorporate bold prints and pops of color. More recently, he has decided to take everyday items like yellow measuring tape, and use them as belts over athleisure. Once he conquered the fashion world, he decided it was time to conquer hearts. At first it was an American cowboy by the name of Rob France Illustration. Rob was just fine, but that wasn’t enough for Tan, oh, no. He knew he had to prove his unconditional love, support, unsolicited advice, and endless kindness in the form of friendship. His target was an unsuspecting, handsome-but-doesn’t-know-it insecure boy, to whom he’d prove he too was worthy of love. That boy was me, and I am forever grateful. These images are a collection of Tan’s most flattering moments, a true reflection of his beauty but mostly his natural lips.

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What’s the Birthday Boy Up To?

Tan must have certainly enjoyed reading emotional tributes on his birthday. But is anybody wondering what the birthday boy might be up to? Well, according to him, he wants to live the secluded cabin-in-the-woods life. So, he might just be moving in for all we know!

Tan France is an English fashion designer, television personality, and author. He is currently the fashion expert for the Netflix series Queer Eye.

Antoni Porowski is a Canadian reality TV personality, actor, chef and model. He is known for his role as the food and wine expert in the Netflix series Queer Eye.

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