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Lili Reinhart Notices Something on Camila Mendes’ Picture of Charles Menton

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The Riverdale costars Camila Mendes and Charles Menton have been dating for quite some time now. But looks like their fellow star Lili Reinhart has a special bond with the couple. While Camila is publicly affectionate of her boyfriend, Lili continues to comment on their social media posts with some interesting remarks.

Reinhart has managed to impress us with her latest comment as well. Making a sharp observation, she has pointed it something pretty hilarious. In fact, it seems like it led Mendes to delete the picture off her Instagram!

Lili Reinhart Points Out an Underwear on an Unusual Spot in Charles Menton Picture…

Camila Mendes felt like showering her boyfriend with some casual public love. She took to Instagram to upload a picture of Charles Menton sporting a plain white t-shirt which read ‘Ask Me About My Butthole’. She added in the caption that there was definitely something about him that captivated her. But the actress was unable to specifically pin point what it really was.

Well, there’s more to the story than this affection between the two on Instagram. Lili Reinhart commented on the picture of Charles Menton saying that she would totally wear the same shirt. But that’s not it- she made another comment as well. The second one was much more interesting and hilarious, and a lot less related to anything about Camila or Charles.

Apparently, there is a canvas in the background which has a black underwear pinned to it. But even when all of us didn’t notice it at first, Lili’s comment highlighted it for everyone. She questioned if the underwear was actually pinned to the canvas. Though, before anyone could find the truth, Camila Mendes took the picture off.

Charles Menton Lili Reinhart Camilla Mendes

Something is strange here, isn’t it? Or maybe Camila was just embarrassed and confused about the background?

Lili Reinhart is an American actress, known for portraying Betty Cooper on The CW drama series Riverdale. Camila Mendes is is her co-star, starring as Veronica Lodge. Charles Menton is also in the Riverdale gang, playing Reggie Mantle.

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