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Are You Ready For Connor Franta’s New Talk Show ‘Loud & Clear’?

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The popular American YouTuber Connor Franta has a reputation of being the most online person. But he is also known for cancelling out internet stereotypes by wanting deep layered discussions on hot topics. His latest project, a new TV talk show is exactly going to do the same. Now that Franta will be appearing on a panel with rotating guests on his new show Loud & Clear, the world is surely excited. But what’s even more exciting is that the first panel includes his celebrity YouTuber guests like Gabbie Hannah, Eva Gutowski, and Scotty Sire.

Connor Franta Launches ‘Loud & Clear’ As New TV Talk Show

Franta’s new show will stream live on Fox’s Caffeine platform, and will then be uploaded to YouTube. It will feature Connor himself, and a rotating trio of guests. While talking about this show, Franta claims to provide people with a platform to actually speak up about something rather than just making a quick tweet. Although it is curated, the guests will have more than just the 30 seconds they are typically granted in an interview.  Apparently, the YouTuber has already foreseen a lot of potential episodes of Loud & Clear. Interestingly enough, they will discuss popular internet topics as well. So, the audience should gear up for conversations ranging from racial inequality on YouTube to the rise of influencer entrepreneurship.

What the Show Aims to Do

Connor Franta has envisioned gathering the top content creators of YouTube. With this, he aims to discover what goals of these creative innovators are. Plus, it will delve deep into the people who are creating it, and how it is affecting overall society.

The YouTuber is also hoping he could get big business people like Jeffree Star and Lilly Singh to come up on the show as they are also great social media personalities. Moreover, he’s also thinking of getting an LGBTQ member to talk about the community in a global sense.

Franta’s Dream Project

Franta has shared that this is more like his dream project. He has always wanted discussions on worthy topics. But the idea is out at its ideal time –  a time where people are more open and free to discuss anything they’d like. Franta wants more of this in 2019. The first episode featuring Gabbie Hannah, Eva Gutowski, and Scotty Sire, will focus on mental health.

Connor Franta is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur, entertainer, and writer. As of September 2018, his self-named main channel on YouTube has over 5.5 million subscribers.

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