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Remember When NSYNC Still Had Justin Timberlake In It?

The rise and fall of NSYNC.

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Being one of the biggest boy bands ever, NSYNC were truly an icon of their time. They remain to be one even today. Formed in Orlando, Florida and making their debut in 1995, NSYNC consisted of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass. At the height of their career in 2002, the band decided to go on a hiatus and undoubtedly, many were not ready for this news.

How The Group Grew In Their Early Years

The group was always associated with the teen pop explosion of the late ’90s with a blend of group harmonies, interesting ballads, and well-produced dance sequences. After the recording and release of their self-titled debut LP, NSYNC soon became an overnight success throughout much of Europe. The singles “I Want You Back” and “Tearing Up My Heart” proved to become sizable hits as time went on.

In 2000, they were considered as one of pop music’s biggest music acts. Consequently, NSYNC rose to greater heights with the release of No Strings Attached in the same year. Nearly two and a half million copies of the album were sold by the end of the week. And not only that but three singles soon racked up on the charts for Top Five in America.

In 2001, the band then continued to promote their next album Celebrity. The album featured a stronger debt to hip-hop and included several songs written by Timberlake and Chasez. This might have been when both artists must have been inspired to pursue solo careers.

Going Into Hiatus And Then Pursuing Solo Careers

During the middle of 2002, the group went into hiatus after an extensive stadium tour. This was the time when Justin Timberlake released his solo work. He quickly went from being a part of pop’s biggest group to a critically acclaimed solo artist. Chasez also chose to debut, however, they found less success than Timberlake.

The other members of NSYNC also found other things to pursue. Joey Fatone launched a movie career for himself and later performed on Broadway. Meanwhile, Chris Kirkpatrick starred in the reality TV series Mission: Man Band and Lance Bass became a certified cosmonaut in the hopes of making it to outer space.

The band never officially announced the end of NSYNC. Yet, in his 2007 book Out of Sync ― released five years after the announcement of their hiatus ― Bass wrote,

 “We’re definitely broken up. It’s not a hiatus. Justin made it clear that he wouldn’t be interested in discussing another album any time soon.”

While talking to Huffpost, Bass said,

“It wasn’t anything crazy – no big, crazy fight to break us up. We’re all still close and we talk daily, but I guess it just had run its time, which was sad because I was really excited for the next album.”

NSYNC’s Reunion At Coachella

However, much recently NSYNC got together again at Coachella. The boys, excluding Timberlake, took to the stage during Ariana Grande’s Coachella set. The band managed to wow the audience once more like the old times with a rendition of their 1997 classic, “Tearin’ Up My Heart.”

The fans weren’t surprised when Joey Fatone informed them why Justin Timberlake couldn’t be part of the reunion on stage, saying

“He was still doing his tour, he had just finished his tour. So, he wasn’t able to come back and do rehearsals with us.”

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