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Liza Koshy’s Musical Comeback on YouTube

Liza Koshy is back everyone - and she's here with a music video.

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Let’s face it, we all really missed Liza Koshy. The YouTube mega-star had been absent from the platform for over a year (the last video was uploaded on the 21st of February, if we’re being exact). The fans had been anticipating her next self-made music video release ever since. But sadly, it never came.

However, her comedy series on YouTube Premium – Liza on Demand – did release in June and did very well. It is now also scheduled for a season two! But everyone missed their favorite little brown girl, regardless.

She’s Back With a Banger This Time Around!

The vlogger had released teasers of her comeback on the 25th of March on her social media, catching the fans by surprise. And on the 26th of March, she comes back with a first-of-its-kind music video, titled “Dollar Store With Liza, The Music Video”.

The song was instantly adored by the fans and the humorous cinematography brought back all of the laughs and memories as they reminisced the wildly popular saga of clips involving The Dollar Store. In the signature videos, Koshy is seen filming herself shopping at various Dollar Stores. And accompanied with those are always the hilariously edited monologues and her unique absurdist commentary.

It Is Actually A Very Catchy Song

The music video begins with Liza being on her way and walking through the streets at night. On they way, she finds a dollar lying around on the ground. After picking it up, a thought creeps into her mind that lets her smile cheekily.

We next see Liza walking into a dollar store and that is when the groovin’ and the movin’ begins. Alas, nearly after a year of no YouTube videos, we were gifted this masterpiece. A full-fledged glamorous music video with a lot of extras as back-up dancers and Koshy displaying the best of her vocal abilities.

The comment section is bombarded with fans marveling over her voice and the catchiness of the song. Some even express their demand for an official version to be released on iTunes.

Why Liza Wasn’t Uploading Videos For Over a Year

Liza Koshy has talked about her mental health issues at length before. On her second channel – Liza Koshy Too – she talked about how she was facing a burnout with her creativity and how she struggled to produce content. She wanted to be able to post good quality videos rather than just be able to put one up every Wednesday. And back then, Liza was pretty much accused of simply recycling her content. Maybe that was what had urged the young celebrity to take a break from it all for a while.

But now Liza is back and kickin’! Koshy also uploaded another video last week. This time, it’s a bit different from her usual uploads as her quirky self and her friends practice Martial Arts.

Here, watch the new, highly-memed music video for yourself:

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