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Billy Eichner Welcomes Pete Buttigieg to the Presidential Race

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The heat in politics of the United States is gradually rising every day. As the Presidential candidates for the 2020 election gear up, there’s a lot going on. Especially, as celebrities are getting involved as well. Now that Mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg has officially announced that he is fighting for President, things have surely sparked up more.

The popular actor Billy Eichner has stepped into the Presidential Race expressing his support for Pete. But is it going to work well in favor of Buttigieg? Is America ready to accept an LGBTQ member running the White House? Especially considering all the negativity President Donald Trump has spread for the community, it would be interesting to see how things unfold.

However, let’s just say that Billy Eichner making a post to support his friend has been an eye opener for many. Underneath the post, many votes have commented their support for Buttigieg, applauding the actor for drawing attention to his role in the LGBTQ community and the US politics on the whole.

Pete Buttigieg Announces His Entry into the Presidential Race

The Mayor of South Bend Indiana is officially running for President of the United States. With his latest campaign, he has made it official. But while announcing it on social media, Pete has claimed that it’s more than just winning an election. Instead, it’s about winning the whole era.

He has also urged people to donate to his campaign by making any contribution possible if they could. But people are donating more than just money- the comments section exploded with people showing relentless support and excitement. Many even drew a comparison between him and President Obama applauding his views in politics.

Billy Eichner Publicly Supports Pete Buttigieg In the Presidential Race

Now that its official that Pete Buttigieg is running for President in the 2020 elections, he has a lot of celebrity support as well. The actor Billy Eichner has been one of the first ones to welcome him on board in the race, expressing his positive feelings about the whole situation.

As he uploaded a picture of the two wrapped in a tight embrace, Eichner dedicated a whole post to his friend. He thanked him for his utmost courage that he displayed in order to eliminate the cynicism and homophobia from America. Pete Buttigieg is openly gay and married to his husband Chasten Glezman; making him one of the first openly gay Presidential candidate in the history of America. Eicher being gay himself would surely support Buttigieg.

The actor also thanked him for his intelligence that allowed him to carve out a path for his success. Billy claimed that he was proud of his friend for creating the path for not just him, but also for many others.

Let’s just hope that this post by Billy Eichner helps Pete Buttigieg bag a few votes in the upcoming elections.

Billy Eichner is an American comedian, actor and producer. He is the star, executive producer and creator of Funny Or Die’s Billy on the Street, a comedy game show that airs on truTV. Eichner was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Game Show Host” in 2013.

Pete Buttigieg is an American politician and former Naval Intelligence Officer who has served as the mayor of the city of South Bend, Indiana since 2012. 4 years back, he publicly came out as gay.

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