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Nina Dobrev Wants CBS To Renew Fam Already

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Here is another reason for CBS to not cancel the wildly popular Fam: The show’s lead star, Nina Dobrev, wants the show to stay. Dobrev might have been skeptical about venturing into the comedy genre as we’ve usually been used to seeing her in the dramatic The Vampire Diaries. But now that she has fallen in love with Fam, it is hard to imagine one without the other,

CBS Has Not Renewed Fam, Or The Murphy Brown Reboot Yet

CBS has not renewed Fam yet; in fact, it hasn’t even said a word on the fate of the Murphy Brown reboot, the show Fam filled in for. Being on the bubble, Fam can literally go both ways. The ratings have been decent, and the initial order had wrapped up its finale on a fairly modest note as well. The competition at its given slot is tough, yet Fam manages to firmly hold onto a moderate seat. Overall, the commercial performance of the sitcom coupled with its critical appeal has been quite average.

Nina Dobrev Takes Help From Will Smith To Save Fam

Nina Dobrev, who toplines the CBS comedy as Clem, is; however, hopeful that the network will let the sitcom live its life. Dobrev’s Twitter feed has recently been all about her show. In fact, she has been able to bond so well with her co-stars that splitting the cast up now would be a catastrophe.

In a recent tweet, Dobrev voiced her willingness for Fam to stay. To push CBS even more in getting Fam renewed, Nina Dobrev retweeted a Will Smith meme to go with her wish.

What’s Keeping Dobrev Busy During Fam’s Seasonal Break

Dobrev, at the moment, has numerous projects up her kitty, including a conversational podcast with Scott Eastwood, and a workout series with Zac Efron. Yet, Dobrev isn’t shifting her focus from getting her sitcom renewed. Before the finale, Dobrev gave a lot of hype to the drama-in-store, at times even revisiting popular clips related to the show all to give Fam a quick popularity boost. Dobrev’s honest efforts to convince the network into renewing Fam offer a ray of hope for the sitcom’s survival.

Either Fam Or The Murphy Brown Reboot?

If Fam gets renewed on CBS, it may eventually mean cancellation for the Murphy Brown reboot. News agencies, particularly the Fox network, have at many instances fabricated information to regarding the fate of the Murphy Brown reboot. The reactions come off mostly due to the series’ unapologetic partisanship

Creator Diane English has expressed an interest to remodel the show into a more bipartisan show. However, despite her efforts, it’s impossible to fix the damage that has already been done.

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