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How The Conjuring Universe Will Continue Its Massacre Of The Horror Genre In The Curse Of La Llorona

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Every time that I watch a horror movie, there is always an important question that keeps bugging me. Why am I not watching a thriller-mystery instead? What is it that differentiates horror as a genre? Why is it that despite a monotonous sense of storytelling, every new horror film manages to grip my attention at least until the climax. Over the years, writers penning horror stories for the big screen were committed to a pattern- a rigid flowchart of narrative instructions that they religiously followed. But when they eventually decided to get more inventive, their work did not necessarily change for the better. The Conjuring Universe is undoubtedly the perfect embodiment of this ‘content-syndrome’.

The Conjuring Films Are Slurping Logic Out Of Horror Films

I cannot really recall Conjuring 1 or 2 detailing their wandering spirits ever.  There is always quite a lot of thrill, but it was devoid of any kind of spiritual-folkloric sense – a statement that has for long defined horror in popular culture.

The cinematography, visual effects,  and the technical presentation of these big-budget films are always top-notch. Yet, they fail miserably at veiling the lack of logic, motive, and narrative ambition in the films. Conjuring Films, The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse Of La Llorona Will Too Be No Different

The Conjuring’s latest part ‘he Curse Of La Llorona will hit theaters on April 19th all across USA. But despite the gripping trailers and compelling marketing, I might not turn up to watch the movie. Reason: I have been disappointed enough times to repeat the same mistake again. I know for sure that the beginning will optimize an intriguing story. Later; however, the climax will entail a regrettable conclusion.

Much like The Nun, The Curse of La Llorona demonizes a wrongful woman in its central plot. The mythical spirit this time; however, has a sound, yet very obvious, motive behind her ghastly actions. The presence of some ambition is momentarily convincing. But the fact that we already know what it is, is just unexciting. La Llorona, or simply the Weeping Woman, is no exception from the cliched gothic villains that we regularly see on TV. Just like every other witch we know, Llorana too is responsible for a death in her immediate family, in her case, her own children’s. The only thing dissimilar about her is that she wants to enter paradise, something no other evil entity might have thought of before.

No Backstory, No Horror

Now that we know who she is is, we can expect The Curse of La Llorona to keep this information in our heads while watching the film. This will save the makers time for whatever action-adventure they want to show in the name of horror. And this treatment of horror films is exactly the most infuriating aspect of this new filmmaking technique.

Horror films need not necessarily be concerned with something that, say, happened 200 years ago. They can be a frightening take on something that continues to exist or even a catastrophic recent culmination of a smooth process. But whatever be the horror a film itself onto, it must at least attempt to explain it. If bad exists in this world, it is not without a reason, and this is something for the Conjuring films to know.

Ghosts Are No More Characters, For The Conjuring Universe At least

Another thing that I expect The Curse of La Llorona to do is to not treat La Llorona, its central focus, as a character itself. Instead on the film, La Llorona would just be an obstacle to overcome.  Much like The Nun, who was merely a reference-less wandering silhouette in her own movie, The Curse of La Llorona too will not give La Llorona the screen space she deserves.

Whether or not would The Curse of La Llorona cash big at the box office is a different story altogether. But whatever may the case be, one thing is for sure. The Conjuring universe is continuing, and will eventually kill backstories in horror films altogether.

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