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The Code On CBS Will Make Tuesdays Worth The Wait

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CBS is ready to launch its second new fiction offering of 2019 this week, a climactic show for the fate of genre-based experiments on TV. The Code, starring Luke Mitchell, Dana Delany, Anna Wood, Ato Essandoh and Raffi Barsoumian is set to premiere Tuesday, 9th April, on America’s most-watched TV network. A product of the 4400’s penman Craig Sweeny’s genius, the military legal drama will breathe fresh air into the more placid courtroom battles by directing them into a tenser, incalculable, rip-roaring nautical realm.

The Code Arrives At CBS This Tuesday 9/8 c.

The Code on CBS is much more than a soothing transition between the notorious NCIS and one of its several spin-offs. It is the embodiment of a brilliant concept, a one-of-a-kind narrative that we have been craving for since nearly forever.

If you want a brief idea of what The Code is about, its official synopsis may help.

The Code takes place as the “military’s brightest minds take on our country’s toughest challenges inside the courtroom and out. There each attorney is trained as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer, an investigator—and a Marine.”

A Daring Show With A Different Concept

The basic premise isn’t; however, a sufficient representation of how big, and audacious The Code is really going to be. Marine accountability and naval legal matters are barely ever a subject of mainstream discussion. The Marines protect us. And it is; hence, equally important for us to know the people who protect them, and The Code is simply a lot about that.

The show’s official trailer suggests that The Code is appreciably self-aware. Since it’s going to talk about military justice, the show knows that it will have to cater its stories objectively. Additionally, the show is ready to give politics some consideration, much due to the fact that it knows that it’s unavoidable.

The Cast: Luke Mitchell, Dana Delany, Anna Wood, And Several Others

The lawyers that The Code has recruited to protect US marines are also a starry bunch of talented actors capable of maneuvering the premise’s central conflicts into telling heartwarming fables with a sense of empathy. Luke Mitchell as John ‘Abe’ Abraham was a complete heartthrob in the trailer. And I won’t judge you for drooling over him shamelessly once the show starts.

The versatile veteran Dana Delany is a perfect fit for the top-most female officer in the Judge Advocate Corps. Delany is famous for bringing grace and finesse in the perfect proportions on screen. Provided that she strikes her signature ‘perfect-balance’ this time too, her presence would be a merry-maritime experience. The Code will also feature the return of Anna Wood to her forte-legal-genre post a brief stint on CBS’ Reckless. Wood’s years of appearing in hard-core dramas have refined her ability to dish-out scene appropriate emotions, something that was highly visible in her alter-ego Maya Dobbins in The Code’s trailer.

Aside from Wood, Mitchell, and Delany, The Code will also star Ato Essandoh as Maj. Trey Ferry, Raffi Barsoumian as Warrant Officer Carlton Prickett, Phillipa Soo as Lt. Harper Li, and Jeff Wincott as General Carrick.

Marc Webb Is Directing The Code’s Pilot

Aside from a brilliant cast and story, The Code has also promised to be high on drama. The show remained true to its commitment in the official trailer, and we expect the case for the show to be likewise. Our biggest takeaway from the trailer was that The Code will let adequate drama seep through its intense, action-packed genre grid. Additionally, since The Code also has Marc Webb on board as the pilot’s director, we can expect the writing and performances, both to be of superior quality.

As for now only time will tell if the show will really be able to crack the code. But given its cast, crew, and plot, it’s a sure bet that the show will be another CBS knockout.

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