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Whitney Cummings and Jameela Jamil Praise Each Other

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T he popular celebrities Whitney Cummings and Jameela Jamil are displaying some girl love! Yes, it’s not limited to International Women’s Day only. But these women are always in for appreciating one another and making each other stronger. Both Whitney and Jameela have uploaded posts on Instagram expressing how much the other means to them. But that’s not it- they have also celebrated each other’s work and it’s importance in today’s society. Well, it certainly is as both women are striving to do better for women in Hollywood and the world!

Jameela Jamil Talks About Whitney Cummings Support for all Women

The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil took to Instagram to upload a picture with Whitney Cummings and pay a public tribute to her. Jameela expressed how her friend was a woman in the industry who actually and truly worked to uplift and support other women.

Instead of competing with other women, Whitney is working to empower women everywhere. Jameela added that it was inspiring and reassuring to watch Cummings create equal opportunities for women in film and TV. The Good Place actress also added a valuable lesson while concluding her post saying that people should make space instead of taking space.

Whitney Cummings Appreciates Jameela Jamil

Looks like Whitney Cummings was quick to reciprocate the public appreciation she received from Jameela Jamil. Only a few hours later, she also made an Instagram post dedicating it to her friend Jameela.

She expressed everything that the actress had done for her including promoting positive messages of self-love. Like many others, Cummings no longer felt the need to deprecate herself anymore. It’s thanks to the positivity radiating from Jameela’s ideology and her I Weigh Campaign.

I Weigh Campaign’s Positive Message

I weigh Campaign is a social media campaign where people around the world are encouraged to accept their real bodies. They’re taught to not obsess over the number they weigh. In essence, people are taught to love themselves and whatever identity they choose to have. For this reason, Whitney Cummings wishes she had such a campaign to teach her this enlightening message when she was 19. At that age, many people bullied her on her weight. Eventually, making her even more conscious of it and hate herself for it.

She did whatever she could to make sure she looked thin like Kate Moss, even shifting to diet coke which ended up harming her physically.

This point has time and time again highlighted by Jameela Jamil; that this obsession with thin bodies leads us to adopting methods and ways that harm us physically and mentally. Hence, we shouldn’t obsess over it as it our physical and mental health matters a lot more than what we look like.

Whitney Cummings is an American comedian, actress and producer. She is best known as the creator of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls and the NBC sitcom Whitney. Cummings was a producer and writer for the ABC revival of Roseanne as well.

Jameela Jamil is an actress and activist who is very vocal about her views on body shaming, mental health, and women empowerment. The actress most popular for her roles in The Good Place  and Freshly Squeezed has slammed several other celebrities including Kardashians for promoting detox diets and body shaming,

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