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Superwoman Raps About Misogyny In Bollywood Songs

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T he popular YouTuber Lilly Singh who is more prominent as Superwoman is genuinely making marks. Apart from all the social work and impressive collaborations, Lilly has now released a music video. Although nobody was quite expecting it from her, the rap song is definitely on fire. But what makes this song grab attention worldwide is that she brought into light what Bollywood songs would look like if they were turned into a woke rap.

Choosing three songs from the industry, Superwoman gave them a whole new meaning and added her unique beats alongside it. Needless to say, this version highlights the blatant misogyny in the Bollywood music industry.

Lilly Singh Drops Out New Music Video Improving Bollywood Songs

The internet just can not seem to get enough of Superwoman’s empowering reinterpretation of their favorite Bollywood songs. The YouTuber released her own music video titled If Bollywood Songs Were Rap, with a compilation of three different hit songs. However, she added her own touch to it, and did not just translate the lyrics. There is much more to hear as Lilly has touched upon topics like unrealistic beauty standards of women, mental health issues, bisexuality and so much more.

Lilly Singh has chosen three hit songs including Choli Ke Peeche Kya HaiAll Izz Well and Aankh Marey. Apparently, her new rap version is everything that Bollywood never tells you about. Or everything that the entertainment industry gets wrong about women. Superwoman has smashed stereotypes with this new touch. Plus, she completely slayed the rap game.

While sharing the song, Lilly claimed that she loves Bollywood and rap music. So, she decided to make an impact by turning her favorite ones into rap. But she wanted to do more so she added positive and empowering messages into them.

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is a very popular YouTuber who has a massive following on the platform. She has ventured into various fields doing comic sketched, impressive collaborations including ones with Dwayne Johnson and Priyanka Chopra, and music videos. Apart from doing social work, she is now heading into Hollywood by getting her own late night show.

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