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Natalie Morales Too Wants One Day At A Time To Continue

That's another celebrity to come out in support of revoking the show's cancellation

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It was not ideally shocking when Netflix cancelled the Cuban-American take on Norman Lear’s iconic 70’s sitcom, One Day At A Time. Showrunners Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce had been campaigning long before Netflix officially cancelled One Day At A Time. The inevitability of the plug-pulling; however, does not make the decision any less devastating. Ever since Netflix has cancelled One Day At A Time, extensive fan campaigns have been coming into view. Several celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda and Melissa Fumero too, have come out in support of these campaigns. Recently, Abby’s star Natalie Morales has also joined Calderon’s efforts to reverse the cancellation.

Morales, who will soon don the cap of a fictional unlicensed bar owner in Mike Schur’s upcoming NBC comedy ‘Abby’s’, has retweeted a New York Times’ journalist’s plea to save One Day At A Time.

Natalie Morales And Maureen Ryan Talk About The Merits Of Rescuing One Day At A Time

The tweet features a TV Guide article by Maureen Ryan where the journalist sheds light on the reasons why Netflix, and the world in general, needs One Day At A Time more than ever now.

Ryan and Natalie Morales both feel that rescuing the ‘saveable’ comedy would be a good idea. For basically everyone in the world.

In her article, Maureen Ryan emphasizes on the rarity of the subject One Day At A Time was dealt with on the show. The show, which followed the life of a Cuban-American family against a working-class backdrop, was in itself a decree of genuine inclusion. Not only did One Day At A Time boast a roster of extremely talented actors including the Triple Crown-winning American treasure Rita Moreno, but it also narrated relevant and thoughtful fables without being ostentatious or tasteless.

Ryan Writes,

“All in all, One Day at a Time is the rare family sitcom that is much more than the sum of its parts. Over the course of its three reliably excellent seasons, One Day at a Time has proven that it is capable of balancing character-driven subtlety and current-events awareness with the kind of direct, well-wrought humor that mainstream sitcoms showcase when they’re done right.”

A Cuban Revolution- After One Day At A Time, Abby’s To Feature A Cuban Lead Character

Natalie Morales coincidentally plays a Cuban character in her upcoming NBC comedy, Abby’s, too. Morales Abby is a bisexual American Army veteran, now ruling an illegal bar with an iron fist. The grouchy, prudent, fiercely overprotective bartender is significantly the first portrayal by a Cuban- American actress on a broadcast network comedy since Desi Arnaz.

Natalie Morales is often mindful of Cuban portrayals in the media. Recently, she responded to Free People’s catalogue shoot with seething contempt over choosing Cuba as a set location. Morales insisted that her dictator-run hometown demeans the idea of freedom. Hence, it contradicts with the message of clothing line Free People’s ideology in general.

Abby’s is created by Josh Malmuth who was one of the writers at ‘New Girl’. While NBC comedy expert Mike Schur helms the production. Abby’s premieres this Thursday, 28th March only on NBC.

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