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Ian Somerhalder Shares Semi-Faux Hawk Selfie When The Wine Wore Off

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Ian Somerhalder was recently in the middle of a faux-hawk haircut when the wine wore off. The reality kicked in and he realized he still has to reshoot for V-Wars. Obviously that led to giving up on the haircut midway and opting for a remedy called Biotin Smoothies to deal with the situation at earliest.

Faux Hawks are in trend this year and The Vampire Diaries Somerhalder, agrees with it. After 3 glasses of wine Somerhalder picked up a set of clippers and started treating himself with the faux hawkish haircut, accidentally. As soon as the wine wore off a sudden realization hit him hard. The actor is still working on reshoots for his upcoming Netflix Series V-Wars and he has to maintain his original look till the task completes. Here is a glimpse of his semi faux hawkish look:

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2019… It was supposed to be the year of the Faux hawk(ish). The priorities for the year (other than being a great dad and husband of course) were/are: -New look ✅ -Raise a SHIT ton of $ for @isfofficial with the new wine tasting @omaze campaign I NEED YOUR HELP NOW! -Release #VWars (working on dates) -Kick ass with my production company @rarebirdsprods ✅ -Launch wine company @D2Dwines ✅ -Launch new spirits company with someone you know well (coming? to a glass near you) -Be a decent human being (working on that) After the 3 glasses of wine wore off and the clippers ran out of battery… something hit me like a ton bricks: a little thing called “continuity” for aka #VWars reshoots! I stopped trimming… Shit. Biotin smoothies here we come- gotta grow this shit out fast… Hair growing out and gearing up for production now. So much gratitude to you all for so much support. It means the world… Love, Ian –

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Ian Somerhalder Shares his New Year Resolution

Along with the accidental haircut reveal, Somerhalder has also shared his New Year Resolution for 2019. And guess what, he is already done with it. Other than being a great dad to Bodhi Soleil and great husband to Nikki Reed,  he was planning a new look for himself. Though the new look was abandoned midway, we may still be seeing him with a fully loaded faux hawk soon. He plans to raise a ton load of money for his ISF foundation with new wine tasting OMAZE campaign. The V-Wars production is coming to a close as the show runners are finalizing the premiere date.

Ian Somerhalder is planning to kick some ass with his Rare Birds Production company, which is formed by him and his wife Nikki Reed. He has already launched his D2D Wines Company and is planning to launch a new spirits company.

Celebrities with Faux Hawk Haircut Apart From Ian Somerhalder

Celebrities who have already rocked the faux hawk haircut include David Beckham, Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel and Taylor Lautner.

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