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Mortynight Run Theory May Tell Us More About Rick And Morty Season 4

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It was fall 2017 when TV’s favourite inter-dimensional duo took a break off their intricately tight schedule. We are now almost halfway through 2019, and Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are yet to grace our screens again. There are obviously a ton of teasers, theories and speculations doing rounds and telling different stories about Rick and Morty Season 4 and its release date. But, there is no concrete information up the table as of now. Is Evil Morty coming back? Whatever happened to Morty Jr.? How’s Mr Poopybutthole doing? The mysteries left untouched by Rick and Morty Season 3 unsolved today. And we can not help but look into Rick and Morty’s previous seasons to help unravel the secrets the show has in store for us.  Rick And Morty Season 4 premiere date

The Mortynight Run

Season 2’s Mortynight Run, is by far, one of the most memorable episodes from the series yet. What made the episode so important for the show was basically the idea that the show had a potential to narrate gripping stories, without compromising on character development and its humor quotient.  Season 2’s second episode, “Mortynight Run,” follows “A Rickle in Time,” a middling story with testicle monsters and fractured time.

Acing its subject of comic nihilism the episode showcases Morty killing people accidentally through an anti-matter gun, for which he despised his grandfather for trying to selling it to an assassin.  The episode was a notion of self-awareness. Rick is all about surviving and living wholeheartedly, while Morty’s noble intentions render only a little fruit. Rick And Morty Season 4 premiere date

What Does The Theory Tell About Rick and Morty Season 4

But here is the real deal which hints towards a direction Rick and Morty Season 4 can move towards. At the beginning of the episode, Rick and Morty drop Jerry off at the Jerryboree because they have to move immediately to make some delivery for an assassin.  Jerry has a gala time at the Jerryboree as there is a Beth mascot that loves him. Moreover, he can also watch his favourite movie ‘Midnight Run’ all night.  Rick And Morty Season 4 premiere date

The Ticket Theory

The episode gave birth to what ardent audience enthusiastically call the ‘Ticket Theory’. The theory talks about the multiple realities and dimensions there are on Rick and Morty.

Rick’s in a rush when he drops his Jerry off at Jerryboree, and when filling out the form, he’s Rick C-137. He marks Jerry’s dimension as “N/A” because in “Rick Potion #9,” Morty and Rick C-137 transformed everyone living in their universe into Cronenberg monsters, often dubbed as the Replacement Dimension. The person at the desk gives them a ticket to claim their Jerry when they return, but it doesn’t say C-137. It says 5126.

When Morty and Rick are about to leave to go pick Jerry up at the end of the episode, Rick picks up a bunch of green rocks with pink crystals. Two episodes later, Rick dumps the crystals in trash. In that reality, Mr. Poopybutthole is a family friend who we think off as a parasite. But he, in turn, turns out to be real. This means that almost entirely, Season 2 must have taken place in an alternate dimension. The Ticket Theory remains an important reminder of just how many realities can Rick and Morty Season 4 be based in.  Rick And Morty Season 4 premiere date

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