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Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers By Addiction

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Popularity probably spoils you more than bad parenting ever can! You won’t believe it, but these musicians could’ve bought anything out of the sums they earned but chose drugs instead! How sad is that! Here is a list of our favorite singers who could’ve gone places (and probably not jail) if it wasn’t for their sick addiction!

1 Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett
Source: Boing Boing BBS

Barrett was the lead singer, guitarist, composer in his own band ‘Pink Floyd’ but excessive use of LSD made him inconsistent, irregular and even unpredictable, which led to others kicking him out of the band.

2 Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston
Source: Grammy Awards

This American singer was even titled to the most awarded female act of all times by the Guinness World Records but sadly, spent a lot of her time getting in and getting out of rehab centers due to her severe addiction to drugs. She died in 2012, from the unbearable consequences of her substance abuse.

3 Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious
Source: Biography

Sid Vicious of the band ‘Sex Pistols’ was so deeply into heroin leading to charges of murder of his girlfriend. Though, he claimed to have no memory of the incident that happened. Even when this had put an end to his career, Sid took his own life following his arrest to put an end to his existence as well.

4 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Source: Useless Daily

Michael Jackson was among those musicians who had been consuming drugs for an extremely long period before he died of drug intoxication and cardiac arrest in 2009. This popular singer still had a long way to go if it wasn’t for his substance abuse.

5 Rick James

Rick James
Source: Wikimedia

Rick James did more than 9 different types of prescription and illegal drugs including cocaine making him lose his sanity. He was charged with keeping a woman hostage and going all batshit Harvey Weinstein on her. His arrest led to his image and career ending, and for a good reason, we must agree.

6 Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong
Source: Biography

This American singer, composer and trumpeter was charged for consumption and possession of marijuana and was arrested. Like all others musicians here, his career was also destroyed like some cars he probably trashed in his lifetime. Also Read: 7 street musicians that conquered the music industry

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