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Movie Characters That Were Useless

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Y’all see some movies and wonder if the directors could do humanity a favor by getting rid of some trash characters? Hollywood has given us some movies in which a few characters are as good as a knife is when you have to drink soup! (Never try that btw) Let’s remove the great movie eye patch and take a look at these insanely useless characters.

1 Jimmy Sanderson in ‘Any Given Sunday’

Jimmy Sanderson in ‘Any Given Sunday’
Source: Warner Bros.

Bill Bellamy who played this role added nothing literally to the movie in any way. Sure, he had an interesting personality but it wasn’t enough to add quality to the movie.

2 Fabienne in ‘Pulp Fiction’

Fabienne in ‘Pulp Fiction’
Source: A Band Apart

This one deserves an award for being the most unneeded thing in the universe. Why would someone introduce a crappy girlfriend for their lead character just to create sick conversations?

3 Paris completely useless in ‘Troy’

Paris completely useless in ‘Troy’
Source: Shepperton Studios

Paris was played by Orlando Bloom who has a known history for performing the weakest and purposeless characters that one can imagine, but his role in Troy exceeds all of his other unwanted appearances combined. I was yearning to rip his head off by the end because this time he has set a completely new level of uselessness that he can never beat again!

4 Storm in ‘X-Men’

Storm in ‘X-Men’
Source: Fox Movies

After seeing how Halle Berry has done nothing in X-Men and how she has proved herself perfectly capable of ruining every scene in which the camera was on her, did you ever imagine she is an Academy Award-winning actress? It’s not as if she didn’t have potential; she was more of an ignored badass  who had no proper dialogues and spends all her time fixed in the background!

5 Madolyn in ‘The Departed’

Madolyn in ‘The Departed’
Source: Warner Bros.

Find me one person who has a reasonable explanation for why Vera Farmiga (Madolyn) is in this film at all, and I swear I will never write again! This perfect movie was so well off without her! What was she even doing it except for just being a female worthy of distracting the audience with her presence, and that’s it, she got paid for being useless! Talk about dream jobs…

6 Katana in Movie ‘Suicide Squad’

Katana in Movie ‘Suicide Squad’
Source: Atlas Entertainment

Maybe she was introduced as if she has some terrible powers; but in fact, she had this power of being useless  by the end! Probably the only reason why Katana gained popularity was because everyone was so inclined to solve the biggest mystery; WHAT DID SHE DO FOR THE FILM?

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