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Liza Koshy Advocates To Keep Nickelodeon

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I t looks like there might be some really upsetting news out soon. And that’s DirecTV customers might not be able to watch Nickelodeon anymore. Losing your favorite childhood shows seems unimaginable, doesn’t it? But due to a dispute with Viacom, subscribers might lose access pretty soon. In fact, Viacom has run advertisements on its channels already issuing out warnings that they may go off.

Apparently, the reason for this is Viacom’s current carriage agreement with AT&T has expired. And if no deal is reached out soon, the channels owned by Viacom will be removed from the DirecTV platform. But are we all ready to incur a loss like that? Probably not, and looks like the popular YouTuber Liza Koshy isn’t prepared either. She has advocated for keeping Nickelodeon encouraging people to do the same.

Liza Koshy Urges People to Stick Up For Nickelodeon

The YouTuber Liza Koshy took to her Instagram stories to vent out her feelings about Viacom removing its channels from DirecTV. She posed a serious question to the people. Are we ready to lose Nickelodeon and all our other favorite shows? Probably not! The news is pretty devastating to hear for us all who grew up with these iconic channels.

Though, there might still be hope. Liza Koshy has given us a solution. It involves us using the hashtag ‘#KeepViacom’ to save Nickelodeon, especially the favorite TV show of hers Double Dare.

In a series of three snaps, Liza Koshy advised people to use this hashtag in order to make sure that DirecTV does not remove Viacom and its channels. Naturally, with so many people protesting against the decision, DirecTV will be forced to enter into a new deal.

Liza Koshy is an American actress, comedian and YouTuber. She initially started her career on Vine in 2013. But now is a famous YouTuber who has worked on projects like Liza On Demand, FML and Double Dare. 

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