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Breaking Bad’s Schraderbräu Beer Coming in May Thanks to Dean Norris and Sony!

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It’s hard to believe that Breaking Bad’s shocking finale came out almost 6 years ago! But that is sadly the case. Everyone has since resorted to exploring the Breaking Bad universe through Better Call Saul, or desperately hoping that the rumor of a Breaking Bad movie is true. Though, there is something amazing happening that will surely excite fans of the iconic show. Remember the fictional Schraderbräu Beer of Agent Schrader? The real agent, Dean Norris, is making it a reality! Sony Pictures Television announced it this week.

Let’s Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Breaking Bad revolved around a chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, battling lung cancer and securing his family’s future financially by starting an illegal drug empire with a local drug dealer (Jesse Pinkman) as his partner. Dean Norris is the DEA agent after them and he also happens to be Walter White’s brother-in-law. In Breaking Bad’s 2nd season we saw Agent Schrader creating his own beer at home entitled Schraderbräu Beer.

Now, in 2019, we see the fictional beer become a reality thanks to Dean Norris and Sony partnering up with Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. The Schraderbräu Beer is apparently brewed to perfection !

Dean Norris has explained that this was actually an idea he wanted to do a long time ago and the 10 year anniversary of the show in 2018 finally motivated him to make the Schraderbräu Beer into reality.

“It took a long time to find the right brewery. I knew if I put out a beer, it’s gonna get a lot of scrutiny—I don’t want people going, ‘Ah this is crap.’ We finally got one that made a really fantastic beer.”

Schraderbräu Beer’s Future Business Prospects

Considering the massive success of the show Breaking Bad, Schraderbräu Beer will easily make a profit through just the association. Though, Norris himself is fully prepared and dedicated to creating Schraderbräu Beer famous. It seems like he is going to put in all his effort into it.

For Breaking Bad fans, the Schraderbräu Beer will be available to buy online in late May of this year!

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