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Matt Bomer Uses Emojis To Describe The Struggles Of Negative Man On DCU’s Doom Patrol

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Matt Bomer’s three emojis, on Instagram, reveal the Negative Man’s struggles in DC’s Comic Adapted web-TV Series, Doom Patrol. This American web television series from  DC Comics, in fact, premiered on February 15, 2019, on DC Universe.

Matt Bomer, who voiced for The Negative Man in the show teases the role with three emojis in his recent Instagram post

The Doom Patrol Reaction

The Doom patrol creators, thus, respond to the post with an explanation. The negative character has to deal with three powers including A rocket, an alien foe and an exploding head.

Matt Bomer Favored The Negative Man

Matt Bomer revealed that, according to him, the Negative Man is more interesting than Superman. In a Q&A session, the actor commented,

“He’s this guy who is a golden boy on the outside but on the inside has always felt like a monster, he eventually becomes what he has always felt like he was on the inside.”

Matt played the character of Trainor before the plane-crash accident. However, once the bandages wrapped up, Matt Bomer just voiced for the character. While Matthew Zuk portrayed the physical part.

Matt, thus, only choose to voice,

“One of the challenges of the voice aspect of this is that it is a very reserved, internalized character whose pathos is very internal.  It’s one thing to get to do a voice where you get to be big and more gregarious. It’s a trickier task to be more withholding and withdrawn.

The Negative Man

Negative Man, in fact, has a firm standing in cartoon shows and movies. Originally, the Negative Man’s first appeared as a guest star in live-action on the DC Universe series, Titans. Dwain Murphy played the physical role while  Matt Bomer gave his voice. This is, thus, the main feature of the spin-off series, Doom Patrol.  Here, Matthew Zuk is the Negative Man. While Matt Bomer again lends his voice to the character with flashback showcasing  Larry Trainor.

Basically, the Doom Patrol’s negative man is shown as a 1960’s Air Force pilot. The pilot is, in fact, legally married with two children. But, he had an affair with John Bowers, his fellow serviceman. Larry Trainor was once flying an experimental aircraft in the Earth’s atmosphere. The poor pilot, unfortunately, encountered negative energy and eventually crashed. Luckily, he survived, but with a badly burned body and radioactive incorporated negative energy.

Doom Patrol And Matt Bomer

Doom Patrol is an American web television series based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name that premiered on February 15, 2019, on DC Universe. It is a spin-off of Titans, with April Bowlby, Brendan Fraser, and Matt Bomer reprising their roles, as well as Diane Guerrero, Alan Tudyk, Joivan Wade and Timothy Dalton joining the cast.

Matt Bomer is an American actor, producer, director and singer. Moreover, Bomer has many commercially successful films on his credit including Flightplan, Magic Mike, Superman: Unbound, The Normal Heart Magic Mike XXL, The Magnificent Seven, and Walking Out.

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