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Turn Up Charlie Star Idris Elba Has Cataloged The Perfect Playlist For You

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Its the 21st century, and thanks to Spotify you are your in DJ today. You are in control if the rhythm you have to give an ear to, and your playlist is a pleasurable assembly of only the tracks you want to hear. But here is a question for you. Do you really feel that your playlist carries enough songs for all of your moods?

I mean I was at work the other day and I suddenly felt the urge for a boys night out. Now of course on a Monday, the only party you can have is in your head. Much to my despair, I realized that my playlist did not contain a single song relevant to my party mood. I surfed through the internet for an apt track, but it ended in vain. You might not relate to my dilemma instantly.

But I am sure that you have obviously been through a similar crisis at least once in life. Well in that case, you need to worry no more. Because the sexiest man alive has you all sorted. Turn Up Charlie star Idris Elba has curated the perfect playlist, and I don’t think if I have honestly been more satisfied in life.

Bachelor Party? Idris Elba Suggests You ‘Party Up’ With DMX

Okay so consider you are having a bachelor party. (Yes a better one than what Nick had in Fam’s latest episode.) So what song do you single out to set the tone of the weekend? Can’t think of one? Well, no worries, because Idris Elba is hear to your rescue. Elba finds DMX’s Party Up the perfect choice for the number on which you groove with your lads for the final time before you get hitched.

The Sexiest Man Alive Also Loves Beyonce

Next, It’s your Beyonce-loving best friend’s birthday, and you are planning her a surprise. What song would you play? Well the Turn Up Charlie star suggests you play ‘Run The World (Girls)’. (Yes, Elba loves Beyonce too). Isn’t Elba truly the man you have always dreamed off? I mean a guy recommending a ‘rousing girl power anthem’ is probably everything you need in a man. And now that this has finally occurred, the bucket list feels quite empty.

My Neck, My Back – Finally A Song That Will Help You Get Over A Breakup

The Turn Up Charlie actor has also puzzled out the panacea to probably one of our greatest conundrums. Cheering up a friend headed for a breakup is beyond the shadow of a doubt is more hard than college level calculus. You ought to remain mightily level headed. Additionally, if you fail to play the right music, you simply screw things up even more. Idris Elba tables you go for a Khia. ‘My Neck, My Back’, (p.s. I actually did listen to it recently and for some reason I can not really remember my ex, really).

Idris Elba Stars In Netflix Comedy Turn Up Charlie

The biggest takeaway from Elba’s melodic recommends is that I need an Idris Elba in my life. Or at least I need to Elba to participate in Netflix’s Set The Tone features more frequently. Thankfully enough, this really is a fine possibility. Idris Elba stars in Netlfix’s new British Comedy ‘Turn Up Charlie’, and since fans are in complete awe of the show, Netflix might get Elba to do some off-screen gigs more often.

Turn Up Charlie follows Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor, who’s given a final chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a nanny to his famous best friend’s problem-child daughter. The show also stars Coyote Ugly actress Piper Perabo and Captain America star JJ Field alongside Elba.

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