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17-Years Old Instagram Girl Murdered By A Maniac | Killer Shares Pictures On Discord

A 21-Years old guy named Brandon Andrew Clark murdered a 17-Years old friend, an Instagram personality, Bianca Devins. Brandon then posted her pics online on a gamers chat app called Discord. He allegedly slit her throat and after posting her pictures, slit his own throat as well. However, police found him and rushed to a hospital where he underwent surgery but he is still in critical condition.

Relationship Between Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark

Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark knew each other in real life. Devins’ family confirmed Clark as a family friend. However, many online accounts and some news sources reported her as his girlfriend. The actual story (as confirmed by her friends) and the viral story are very different.

Relationship | The Viral Story

Many accounts are claiming that both Devins and Clark knew each other through a gaming chat app Discord. They met once where Clark developed feelings for Devins. However, Devins was not interested. She was out on a concert with her friends (some say a boyfriend) when Clark tracked her through her online stories and took her outside. It is also reported that Clark posted stories on his Instagram when he was driving to the concert.

When they were outside, they had an argument on his jealousy and Clark slit her throat. He then took a couple of pictures and shared them on Discord. Another viral story claims Clark showed live murder on his IGTV.

Here is a post with a screenshot of Clark’s story.

Relationship | The Reportedly Real Story

Bianca Devins’ friend Bebe (Real Name: Chelsea, Twitter: bebestgf ) has corrected the false information being spread on the internet. Bebe was Devins’ friend and a part of her Discord Server Community. She shared some facts related to Bianca’s murder; the same are being narrated below.

1. bianca’s head was not cut off.
2. nothing was posted on insta live but to discord.

3. the killer wasn’t a stalker or her ex-boyfriend nor was he some incel she knew online. she was friends with him IRL and he even met her mother.
4. the guy posted bout local murder suicides in bianca’s area leading me to believe this was premeditated.

5. bianca didn’t deserve this for the shitty things she did 2 years ago and implying that is absolutely disgusting and you should be 100% ashamed of yourself for thinking that.

As confirmed by Bebe, Bianca Devins went to the concert with Brandon Clark and there they met another friend of hers. They decided to get high after the concert. So, Clark went to arrange some rolls whereas Devins made out with the other guy in the back of Clark’s car. Clark witnessed the intimate scene but he did not say anything to the guy. However, he was visibly upset. On his way to drop Bianca back, he slit her throat and attempted suicide.

He then posted one pic from Bianca’s own profile on Discord, with her slit throat and caption “Damn! my neck hurts”. The community members thought it was some sort of a sick joke. Then another account (probably Brandon’s by the username of aperatia) posted another pic of murdered Bianca with the caption: “sorry f******, you’re gonna have to find somebody else to orbit”.

You can listen to Chelsea’s interview regarding the murder here.

Clark’s Profile Taken Down By Instagram

It is also reported that Clark’s Instagram profile has been taken down after he shared gut-wrenching images of Bianca and himself with the caption “I’m Sorry Bianca”. Some people have also confirmed that Clark changed his Instagram Bio as well at the time of the incident.

10/06/1997 – 7/14/19. Just know that I feel no pain now.

The Instagram post showed Clark with a slit throat. Apparently, people reported the violent profile following which, Instagram took down the account Monday Morning.

Family Members Share Posts For Their Siblings

Bianca Devins’ sister Liv Devins dedicated a post after her sister’s murder.

Liv Devins is also arranging a candlelight vigil for Bianca today at the Parkway Park. Moreover, she is setting up a scholarship fund for psychology to help kids with mental illnesses. Bianca Devins was also majoring in psychology. Liv Devins will share donations details soon on her account.

Brandon Clark’s brother was also forced to post his devastation over his brother’s actions.


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