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Leslie Jones Reminds Us How Racism is Still Rampant In Modern America

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T he popular comedian Leslie Jones has spoken up about racism publicly. She recently posted a video on Instagram of a racist woman verbally abusing a black person in a supermarket.

The incident led to Jones voicing her fears and concerns of the growing racism in modern society. But that’s not the worse part- the white people shamelessly abused the African-American woman without fear of punishment. The blatant disregard by the white person in question was what infuriated Jones the most.

Leslie Jones Lashes Out Against Racism in Society on Instagram

Alongside the video of a white woman harassing and abusing a black person in a supermarket, Jones shared how she feels about the whole racist incident. She felt bothered and scared about her fellow African-American members in society.

Apart from openly abusing and shouting racial slurs, what’s even more disheartening is that she did this right in front of her children. Moreover, no one even did anything to stop her. The African-American woman who was the victim of this vicious verbal abuse could not even defend herself because the racial prejudice would mean that she would become the suspect due to the color of her ski, even though she did nothing wrong.

Jones Called the White Woman a Bad Role Model

Leslie Jones even pointed out the fact that the white woman was a superintendent and as such her actions and behavior is a model for people working under her. Her being a mother also means she’s setting up an example for her kids. And this isn’t exactly model behavior.

The imbalance in society that still exists today is truly shocking for us all. Even though we all know that this racist woman would try to clear her name in the public eye if confronted about this vicious racist verbal abuse, Jones has recommended that everyone should feel accountable for their own actions and have a sense of responsibility.

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I don’t usually post these type of videos. I like to laugh and joke on folks cause I am a comic. I like to make people laugh at life. But I am a black woman first!! And I don’t know how to make this funny.(well I do but I’m not gonna) This really bothered me cause I’m like damn she just went for it!! Like in front of HER KIDS! Like the anger here is so sad and very disheartening!! She spit on them yo!! And then the racial slurs. And no one touched her cause they was all scared to go to jail. I think I would have went to jail yo!!This woman is a superintendent!! That’s scares the shit out of me cause if she can do this and think this way, what is she doing to the kids. Is she saying this to them? Like I’m so afraid for our world. We have no balance at all. This racism shit baffles the fuck out of me. When will realize that all of us have to responsible for our actions. Now I’m sure that whole store was shook!! And next we will see her on the news crying saying “that’s not who I am” well who are you then cause that doesn’t just come from anywhere! That was there! #repost #doyouknowwhoisoveryourkids

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Leslie Jones is an American actress and comedian who is a cast member on popular show Saturday Night Live. Jones has been a featured performer at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and the Aspen Comedy Festival. In 2010, her one-hour comedy special, Problem Child, was broadcast on Showtime. 

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