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Gloria Kellett Looking For A New Home For One Day At A Time

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#SaveODAAT, I swear this is the single hashtag that has taken over literally every social media platform, ever since Netflix has decided to axe its cult sitcom. One Day At A Time, which recently premiered its season 3 on the streamer, re imagined the work of Norman Lear in a contemporary era.

Now after a glorious and critically successful tri-season run, the show has been shown the door by Netflix. The cancellation of One Day At A Time; however, has triggered a mass protest within its fan-base. Not only are fans hurling abuses at Netflix for pulling of a move Fox did when they cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but they are also making desperate attempts to save their favorite TV show. In fact, its not just the fans, everyone from the cast, crew members, directors, and producers are playing their part to rescue the gem. Showrunner Gloria Kellett has even launched a campaign to save ODAAT . One Day At A Time Cancelled

Gloria Kellett Campaigns To  #SaveODAAT

The cancellation of One Day At A Time is undoubtedly no short of heartbreaking. But, for Gloria Calderon Kellett, the cancellation is way beyond devastating. One Day was like Kellett’s baby, she had served the show in numerous capacities. From writing, direction, production, acting, and marketing, Gloria Kellett has done it all for the show. And now that Netflix has officially pulled the plug of One Day At A Time, Kellett is looking for a new home for her show. And that too without being subtle.

Kellet Calls Networks To Adopt One Day At A Time

Gloria Kellett is ready to leave no stone unturned to help #SaveODAAT. She has announced the same on Twitter and Instagram. Kellett mentions that other networks have always been interested in making One Day At A Time their own show. So, she finds that this is the most opportune moment for them to strike a deal.

Kellet writes,

“Good morning networks. I’ve met with you in the past & you’ve said “If only we had One Day At A Time” Good news…. we can be yours! We can easily do a reset so that those not familiar with the show will get all the info they need. Call Sony. The fight continues. #saveodaat.”

Apart from Gloria Kellet, several celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda and Stephanie Beatriz are also making efforts to save One Day At A Time.

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Rita’s skin looks fragile but plump. I’m afraid if I touched it my finger would sink into it like frosting. She’s tiny, diminutive. Her nails look fake. They’re very real. Her voice carries and fills a huge soundstage with no problem. When she’s sitting in chair waiting to go on set, she folds her hands in a very odd way: fingers interlaced, both hands resting on her collarbones. Her rehearsal clothes are partiality chosen for the frigid temperatures that comedy stages are kept at. 55 degrees is the norm for a multi camera show with a live audience. Rita is always cold so she dresses in swaths of cashmere fabric draped over all white matching sweatsuits. Sparkling clean white Reebok tennis shoes. A hat. Always a hat or a turban or a head wrap or a wig if it’s show time. Never just her real hair, which is white and gray in very short, and covers her head like a soft cap, the kind you’d put on a newborn to keep its head warm. She’s so little. I feel afraid when I see her walking around the set; she’s 86. Sitting next to her is hard: I want to pull her into my lap and squeeze her so that she knows I love her. Delectable. Marvelous. Rita uses words from another time, from the beginning of her career in Hollywood. She’s the first Latina I saw on film. She won an Oscar for the role of Anita in West Side Story. I thought she looked like my mother, with her olive skin and her little brunette bob. She’s taller on film and on stage. Something happens to her when she knows that there’s an audience watching. she grows. She fills up the space in a very surreal way. She becomes a magnet for your attention. you’re in love with her suddenly, you don’t know or care why. But you need to watch her, you need to see what she’s doing. The camera loves her. Your eye is magnetized to her. You can’t figure out why you find an 86 year old lady sexy. I was squatting on the floor talking to @gloriakellett and Rita came and stood by me and my head came to her hip and she reached down and scratched my scalp for a solid minute. I barely breathed. I wanted her to stay like that forever. #saveodaat

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Norman Lear Questions Netflix

The original One Day At A Time creator Norman Lear is also rallying against Netflix’s strange decision. While thanking “the glorious show-runners” and “magnificent cast” of the One Day At a Time reboot as well the show’s passionate fans for “the outpouring of love,” Lear questioned Netflix’s decision not to renew the critically praised series for a fourth season. “Is there really so little room in business for love and laughter?,” he asked. One Day At A Time Cancelled

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