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Queer Eye Cast Members Lend Fashion Tips To BoJack Horseman & Hasan Minhaj

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Talking about iconic crossovers, I fail to think of something more epic than Queer Eye giving fashion advice to BoJack Horseman and Hasan Minhaj. What? you say it has never happened. Well in that case, hold your BoJacks, because Netflix has done you some fan service. The streamer’s Twitter handle recently released a video clip where Karamo Brown and Jonathon Van Ness advised BoJack Horseman on his ‘mane-style’. Once they were done with the animated horse, Hasan Minhaj too approached them over some style tips. Part of this multi-universe intermingle involves promotional stratagems to draw more viewers towards the soon to premiere Queer Eye Season 3 and BoJack Horseman Season 6. 

Jonathan Van Ness And Karamo Brown Offer Fashion Advice To BoJack Horseman

The minute long video clip, quite literally took us inside Netflix. Just in case if you have ever wanted to know what is it like inside the world of Netflix, well you’ll find a massive fork lobby with a number of stations, each representing original content at Netflix. Right in the middle of the hall, we find the cast of Queer Eye Season 3 having stationed themselves, all ready to fashion-police every passerby. Unfortunately for them, the first client they encounter is BoJack Horseman. However, what they fail to realize is that BoJack probably wasn’t up for some random comments on how he looks.

Queer Eye Cast Members Suggest BoJack To Go For An Undercut

Karamo Brown and Jonathon Van Ness feel like Bojack’s mane is kind of wearing him right now. But what they really would want to know is who is the horse that dons the mane. Ness and Jonathon suggest BoJack to go for an undercut, as they feel that it would help exhibit the length of BoJack’s face. Moreover, undercuts are always a good idea for Summers. When the Queer Eye boys quizzed BoJack Horseman over how he feels when he looks at the mirror in the morning, BoJack replies that the mirror tells him that he is a famous actor.  

Hasan Minhaj And BoJack Horseman Argue Over Style

Watching Karamo Brown and Jonathon Van Ness lending free fashion tips, Hasan Minhaj jumps into the scene. While Brown and Ness find his get-up and jacket perfect, Bojack begs to differ. ‘It’s a bad jacket’, BoJack insists.

But Brown quickly interrupts him by telling Hasan Minhaj that the ‘jacket slays’. This still does not stop BoJack from firing more critical shots at Minhaj. ‘It’s terrible, the whole look is awful’, exclaims BoJack Horseman.

But from our knowledge of Hasan Minhaj, at least we knew that he would not walk out without giving BoJack a piece of his mind. ‘You know, it’s made out of horse right’, slams Minhaj right into BoJack’s face.

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