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Charlize Theron Can Empathize with Megyn Kelly, But Not For The Reason You Think

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We all know the rise and fall of Megyn Kelly. Once a popular talk-show host is now left jobless and without much dignity due to her racist remarks. Her NBC show which was lost when she made unfortunate racist comments yet again. Though, she got a hefty payout for those reasons. It’s still interesting to find out that Charlize Theron, a mainly liberal American actress, has found some empathy for Megyn Kelly when she played her in the movie about Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. But, it’s not what you think.

Roger Ailes Allegedly Sexually Harassed Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has accused Roger Ailes, who is now dead, of sexual assault and harassment during her time working at Fox. Charlize Theron used this knowledge and understanding of the circumstances to prepare for her role as Megyn Kelly. Whilst prepping up to play Kelly, Theron found some empathy for the former Fox News host.

Theron states in a Variety interview,

“She was in a complicated place and as a human being, I have empathy for that.”

Charlize Theron was focusing on the aspect of Megyn Kelly’s career where she was sexually assaulted by a man of power. Hence, the actress said that a lot of the general public didn’t quite understand how complicated of a position she was in during her time in Fox.

Why Theron Opted to Not Meet Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s sexual harassment story definitely tugged at the heartstrings of Charlize Theron. But the actress opted to not meet the woman in real life. Theron wanted to show the story from afar and not disrupt her perspective. Yet, it’s quite evident that Charlize Theron would have ended up caught in a lot of emotions if she had met the former Fox news anchor.

What’s the Roger Ailes Movie About

Jay Roach’s movie focuses on the now-dead Roger Ailes. It puts a light on his reign of terror when he was a CEO at Fox. Written by Charles Randolph, the story is about how a group of women strives to change the culture of toxic masculinity at their workplace.

Apart from Charlize Theron, John Lithgow, Nicole Kidman, Connie Britton, Margot Robbie and Malcolm McDowell are in the cast as well.

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