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Cher Faces Public Wrath Over Ignorant Tweet About North Korea

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The restoration of North Korea’s rocket site after several promises of dismantling the satellite launch site comes as a major security threat for USA. It initially appeared that after the two Trump-Kim summits, the Korean nuclear ambitions would at least subside. But, with recent reports about Kim Jong Un rebuilding a rocket launch site, it appears that the US and North Korea could end up moving away from diplomacy and back on the path to war.

Although Vox insists that this isn’t a cause of worry, it is clear that Trump will not be making any compromises in regards to the issue. The  US president Donald Trump has clearly stated that he would be “very disappointed” if the reports were true. Trump haters, unconcerned with the delicacy are; however, exploiting the situation for their own political agendas. Singer Cher has also recently come under fire for the same.

Cher Ridicules Trump-Kim Summit Failure

In a recent tweet, Cher mocked the diplomatic futility of the second Trump-Kim summit. What made the tweet so horrible was the ignorance Cher displayed towards an impending security threat. Rather, she seized an unfitting opportunity to express her discontent with the US president. Cher even composed a few lyrics to go with her tweet, presumably expecting some bravos for taking down Trump.

Cher Faces Public Criticism Over Statements About Reconstruction Of Korean Rocket Site

The desired effect; however, was thankfully not achieved. Instead of getting people to hate Trump a little more, Cher found herself some haters. Twitteratti almost immediately lashed out at Cher for manipulating a taxing safety concern to justify her political views. In fact, some fans even expressed that the Hollywood icon was simply ready to compromise national security all in a wake to bash Trump.

Twitter fans accused Cher for cheering for failed attempts at peace. For her views over North Korea’s speculated rocket site reconstruction plans, the singer found a storm of intense social media hate. People hurled abuses at Cher, at times, even mentioning that they no longer like her. Twitteratti pointed out to the songwriter that she wasn’t on a side against Trump. In fact, with her statements, she was on on the side in favor of a worldwide quarrel. When politician Michael B Puskar jumped into the scene as Cher’s savior, he too had to face the fire. Twitteratti exclaimed that their statements were ‘sickening’.

The singer is yet to comment on the issue. Although, she has not replied to any of the tweets from the thread, she did share another tweet lampooning Trump’s high school record. Quite predictably that has only intensified the rage against Cher.

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