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Camila Cabello Calls Taylor Swift Her Role Model Ahead Of The Singer’s 30th Birthday

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As she approaches her 30th birthday, Taylor Swift shares some important lessons that she has learned in the 3 decades of her life.  Ageing gracefully, Swift mentions that her factual age is not an accurate representation of her emotions. In fact, for her, if there is anything age can define is experience and how you learn from your experience. Talking about her journey and career in music, Swift has also penned down an elegant reflective essay for Elle UK. While the magazine will feature Swift on its cover in its upcoming April issue, it has already released its conversation with Taylor Swift. And quite predictably the matter has left several celebrities, especially Havana singer Camilla Cabello in sheer awe.

Camilla Cabello Is A Die Hard Taylor Swift Fan

In a tweet yesterday, Camilla Cabello expressed being a die hard Taylor Swift fan. She elaborated that her aptitude for Swift has only grown during her years in the industry. As a teenager, Camilla saw Swift as her favorite Hollywood icon. And now as an icon herself, Cabello regards Swift as her primary role model. Camilla even mentions that ‘becoming a Taylor Swift fan was the best thing she has done in life’, and also that ‘ she is thankful for the existence of Taylor Swift’.

Taymilla- An Unbreakable Bond

It appears that Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello share a very strong bond. In fact, there is equal love and admiration coming from both the ends. As Cabello celebrated her 22nd birthday recently, Swift left her an adorable note that read  “CAMILA YOU REALLY INVENTED BEING CUTE DIDN’T YOU.” Moreover, this is not even the first time that Cabello has gone a public tribute to her role model. Previously too, Cabello has tweeted her love for Swift several times. The joint fandom of ‘Taymilla’ even posted screenshots of Cabello’s previous tweets about her favorite icon.

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, both Cabello and Swift appear to be on the same page. Recently, Cabello too shared an insightful essay on life on her 22nd birthday.

Taylor Swift And Camila Cabello: Days Of Glory

Taylor Swift will turn 30 this December. But before that can happen there are still a few goals that the singer wants to achieve. As for Camila Cabello, the musician has achieved a major feat with her number ‘Havana‘ topping charts in 95 countries. Both Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello had Grammy nominations this year for their Pop performances. As for now, the days of glory continue for both vocalists as their illustrious career has only begun.

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