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Best Sheldon Moments in The Big Bang Theory

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Most people don’t understand why Big Bang theory is such a famous TV show. Well people, I’m sorry to be brutally honest, but it might be because you’re not smart enough to understand the wit that comes with the show (this is something that Sheldon Cooper would say, except he would never apologize to anyone).

Here’s a list of some of the hilarious Sheldon moments in this beloved show!

1 His unmatched straightforwardness

His unmatched straightforwardness
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Sheldon Cooper isn’t afraid to hurt anyone with his probing questions. He gets straight to the point.

2 His unique sense of obligations

His unique sense of obligations
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When Penny gives him a gift, he finds himself ‘in-debt’ because they weren’t even then! In his opinion, if you ever give a gift to someone you have to provide them with a gift too. Such an innocent mind Sheldon has.

3 When he was rightfully wary of drugs

When he was rightfully wary of drugs
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I laughed real hard when I watched this one! I mean, coffee is a necessity. It’s a part of life. Except Sheldon Cooper doesn’t think so. Oh well, the outcomes of drinking coffee didn’t turn out so well for him anyways. Maybe he’s right about avoiding coffee.

4 Wi-Fi password

Wi-Fi password
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Okay, this has to be the best burn anyone to get! Season 4, episode 24, Penny comes barging through Sheldon’s room and inquires if he has changed the Wi-Fi password, to which he replies with a sass only Sheldon Cooper can come up with.

5 When he was hella relatable

When he was hella relatable
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We’ve all been in those situations where we were supposed to go somewhere but didn’t want to. But since we had to, we did, and we went a bit late. Instead of using fake excuses, maybe I should learn from Sheldon and just tell the hosts I don’t want to attend.

6 Dating advice

Dating advice
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Open communication and honesty is the key to a good relationship. Learn from the best folks. Sheldon and Amy have been going strong for many seasons now.

7 When socializing was important

When socializing was important
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This happens when you pay attention to helium’s molecular structure instead of paying attention to making friends in your kindergarten. But Sheldon is different; he went on to mathematically improve his social life.

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