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Amidst Rio Carnival 2019, Diplo Lays Shirtless on a Random Cliff

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Strangers things on the internet have happened, but have you ever seen a shirtless Diplo on a random cliff in Rio? Probably not. It’s certainly an intriguing sight.

It sounds like a pretty cool Rio carnival if you ask me. Imagine being so wasted that you end up on a random cliff shirtless. We are sure the American DJ is not kidnapped as it’s been posted from his own Instagram account. But, what else do we know about this?

Let’s investigate Diplo’s story further, shall we?

Fascinating History of Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival is a long-held festival that occurs in the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro. With almost 2 million attendees almost every year, it’s known as one of the biggest carnivals in the world. Often showcased in pop culture as well. Dating back to almost the 1640s, it’s believed that the Rio Carnival took birth as a way to pay homage to Greek wine gods. The god of the grape harvest, Dionysus or Bacchus, was honored at these major Rio festivals. Maybe, Diplo knew of this fascinating history of the Rio Carnival and just wanted to follow the legacy of those that came before him. By drinking joyously without any limitations, things might have taken a crazy turn!

We’re guessing a lot of people, just like Diplo, lay shirtless on random cliffs throughout the Rio de Janeiro area every year in the famous Rio Carnival.

When did Rio Carnival 2019 Take Place

This year’s carnival though, Rio Carnival 2019 as it’s being called, is still taking place. It started on the 1st March of 2019 and will continue till the 9th March of 2019.

Other Adventures of DJ Diplo

American DJ and record producer, Diplo, has carved out a stable name for himself in the music industry. Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr. actually co-created the music project Major Lazer and has formed another popular music super group with Sia and Labrinth called LSD. Other music collaborations of his include Jack Ü with DJ Skrillex and Silk City with Mark Ronson. Along with his music collaborations, he has his own record company known as Mad Decent. His popular songs include Set it free, Set me Free, Freak, Genius, Freak, Dirty Vibe and Mind.

Diplo is definitely one of the most hardworking musicians in the industry for a while now, so we’re sure his crazy adventures of the Rio Carnival 2019 will be the source of inspiration for some great music tracks in the future.

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