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Abby’s Natalie Morales Calls Out Free People in Choosing Cuba As Set Location

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We were wrong. The ‘Pelosi Clap’ wasn’t the most ironic moment of the decade. It is; in fact, Free People’s latest photo shoot that has fueled the real irony in recent times. Want to know how? Well, I mean what can be more mordant than a clothing brand named ‘Free People’ shooting their latest catalog in Cuba, a dictator run country? Yep, they have actually done this. Now this blasphemy would have easily escaped the public eye if it wasn’t for NBC’s upcoming sitcom Abby’s lead star Natalie Morales who drew almost prompt attention to the issue. Morales, an actress of Cuban descent is extremely displeased with the female clothing brand’s new product line. And she has taken to social media to express her irritation over the issue.  Michael Schur sitcom

Natalie Morales Plays The Lead In A New Michael Schur  NBC Sitcom, ‘Abby’s’

Natalie Morales rose to fame with USA Network’s Matt Bomer starrer, White Collar. People also remember her as Lucy from Parks and Recreation. But these days, she is in the news for a completely different reason.

Morales plays the titular character on NBC’s new Michael Schur sitcom Abby’s. All set to premiere on 28th March, 2019 at NBC, the show also stars The Middle’s Neil Flynn alongside Morales. With only a few days left until the premiere of Abby’s on NBC, promotional drives for the series have Morales occupied. But even with all the responsibilities up her shoulders, Morales seems to be in no mood to excuse the ignorant mockery of her hometown.

Free People Shoots For March Catalog In Cuba

The dictatorship of terror begun by Fidel Castro continues today in Cuba with its 17th president Miguel Diaz-Canel. The developing country is stuck in a malaise of compromised human rights and an ever declining economy. This has triggered qualms against the country’s government both internally and globally. The female clothing brand, Free People; however, zeroed Cuba as the background for their March collection catalog. And this has for very understandable reasons, angered Natalie Morales.

Natalie Morales Slams Free People For Ignorant Ridicule Of Homeland

The actress, who will soon be seen in Abby’s on NBC, finds the new catalog ‘disgusting’. And she makes a valid point when she emphasizes that a brand named Free People should have at least gone for a set location where the people are, you know, really ‘free’. While slamming Free People for their negligence, Morales also discussed the plight of Cubans. And her criticism towards Cuban government is no alien to her Twitter feed either.

Of the many things that new took from  this controversy, the one we will most forward too is the upcoming combination of Michael Schur and Natalie Morales. And from our experience, we can tell that this pairing is going to be no less than iconic.

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