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9 Ways to deal with Writer’s Block

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Being a writer is hard. You have all amazing ideas that you constantly think of, and when you finally decide to write on them, you end up staring blankly at the pages it is hard to deal with writer’s block. But don’t worry there are ways out of it.

1 Meditate


It might seem cliché, but this helps to overcome writer’s block. Take some time out of your daily routine for meditation, because it helps soothe the mind and clear it so that you can think more efficiently. It’ll help you let go of useless thoughts like why Simpsons seem to predict everything in the future. With a clearer mind, you’re bound to write to your heart’s desire effortlessly.

2 Go Outside

Go Outside

Going for a stroll in your local park can be greatly helpful. Observing your surroundings and other people like children, adults and the elderly can inspire you to a great extent and inspire you to construct your stories. You can also communicate with them and try to develop a better understanding.

3 Read Other Books

Read Other Books

Reading 7 hacks on how to build a perfect study plan other literary works can be very motivating as well, for not only getting your ideas straight but also seeing how other writers developed their stories will help you find some stimulus.

4 Silence


It is important to figure out if silence helps you think better or music. Mostly it is silence because you can focus on a particular thing at a time without any distractions.

5 Try something new

Try something new

Taking part in new activities can help you think out of the box, along with rejuvenating your mind as you gain a unique experience. Roam around your city and stumble upon some fun adventures!

6 Write down points

Write down points

Writing down the main points of what you want to write can assist you to get a clear idea and understanding of your material. Then you can look at the list whenever you experience a lack of ideas, and it will give you the basic outline of what you intend to write.

7 Don’t Force Yourself

Don’t Force Yourself
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If you want your work to have great content which other people enjoy, do not force yourself to write. The feelings of the author can be felt by the way their content is written. For example, you guys know I probably binge-watched Netflix to be this calm while writing. You should be able to enjoy writing rather than feeling it be a chore.

8 Do not procrastinate

Do not procrastinate

Once you are out of writer’s block and have the idea and know what to write, do not procrastinate over it, because it is likely to be forgotten unless you scribble it down.

9 Do not stress too much

Do not stress too much

It’s okay to have writer’s block, but it’s not okay to stress a lot about it because that can negatively affect your mental condition. Stay positive, we believe in you, aspiring writer!

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