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Jenna Marbles and James Charles Iconic Collaboration is Here!

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T he beauty YouTubers James Charles and popular vlogger on the platform Jenna Marbles came together in an epic new collaboration. Charles was very happy to introduce his iconic special sister guest.

And as he did her makeup, he chatted about a lot of things. Though, since it has James Charles’ name on it, it was definitely a treat for the beauty community of YouTube. Moreover, Marbles and Charles are expressed endless appreciation for one another and each other’s work.

So even if you’re no makeup lover, you’ll love how they collaborated and all the jokes and advice that they sent your way!

James Charles Gives Jenna Marbles a Makeover in New Collaboration Video…

The 19-year old YouTube star and Jenna Marbles had one hell of a discussion in their new collab video. What they basically did was an episode of ‘James Ratchet Beauty Salon’ as Charles gave fellow YouTubers a whole new look. While reflecting back on their first interaction, Charles added how excited he was for this new video. Apparently, he wanted to collaborate with her for a long time now. Charles had been watching Jenna Marbles ever since he was a little kid. And that made her one of his favorite YouTubers of all time.

While talking about Marbles’ own channel, James Charles claimed that Jenna’s Ratchet Beauty Salon gave pretty useful makeup tips. And added that sometimes they were questionable but even then useful. And Jenna expressed her interest in talking about Charles and his theory of being single forever.  She claimed that he will find love one day. And all he needs to do was focus on putting some love in there. She also suggested that he should get rid of the ‘I’m forever alone’ energy if he wants to actually find somebody.

James Charles also used his new Morphe palette to glam up Jenna Marbles. And in the meantime, they chatted about everything from what Charles feels about taking a break to Jenna buying clothes from his new sisters apparel to support him. Charles also opened up about his business plans and enthusiasm. He shared that he got into makeup right at the end of high school and it took so much time and interest. Without it, he would be going to college right now.

Both Jenna Marbles and James Charles took to Twitter to share their exciting experience as they collaborated for a makeup video. Charles shared that the video was #1 trending.

Jenna Marbles thanked the beauty YouTuber for having her over and for the glam.

Jenna Marbles is an American internet personality, comedian and vlogger. She has been on YouTube making videos for almost 10 years now. And her prominent works include Road Hard and Natural born Pranksters. 

James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber who probably needs no introduction. The 19-year old star is one of the most prominent faces in the beauty industry now. He recently collaborated with Morphe Brushes for a new palette. And it got sold out in less than 10 minutes!

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