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Was Alan Going to Propose to Nadia in ‘Russian Doll’?

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The new dark comedy TV Series Russian Doll surprised everyone on how great it was. A show that revolves around themes of time travel, shitty childhood, dealing with rejection and traumas, and suicide. Managing to do it all neatly and brilliantly, Russian Doll deserves the praise it got. There have been several speculations already on what Russian Doll season 2 would entail. And some are still trying to make sense of the finale.

The beauty of the show is that it’s open to many interpretations. The Mona Lisa of TV shows, if you will. One thing you may or may have noticed in the finale is how Alan was looking gravely at the engagement ring. We’re wondering why that was.

Russian Doll Season 1 Finale

The finale episode of Russian Doll season 1 was the epitome of bittersweet. Even though Nadia and Alan finally fix the glitch in the universe that’s causing them to die and relive the day over and over again, it’s not the ending we were hoping for. Apparently, Alan and Nadia have to get their own respective happy endings with a different timeline of their own. That means that the original Nadia has to help out Alan in a timeline where he doesn’t know her. And Alan has to help out Nadia in a timeline where she doesn’t know him!

Before they realize this, both the original Nadia and Alan are full of glee when they realize they fixed the glitch. The verification of this is when the objects and people which suddenly disappeared come back. For instance; the beloved fish of Alan, the people at Nadia’s party and the engagement ring that was meant for Beatrice.

Alan Zaveri Charlie Barnett Russian Doll

Though, after going through everything with Nadia, is Alan really still going to propose to Beatrice? The whole point of fixing the bug was to overcome their psychological issues. Alan realized he needed to move on from Beatrice in a healthy way. Meanwhile, Nadia realized she needed to move on from the guilt that she had over her mother’s death.

Russian Doll consistently sheds light on the fact that Nadia and Alan’s fates are intertwined. They are literally dependent on each other. One’s death causes the other. The two come to a theory that the hellish death loop started due to them not helping each other out on their original night.

If they had come across each other, Alan would have not killed himself and Nadia would not be hit by a car. They wouldn’t have died in the first place if only they had helped each other. Hence, they try to change that specific moment in time.

Mostly a Platonic Bond but Hints of Romantic Love

If you were stuck on a loop where you keep dying and coming back, you would not want to suffer through that alone. That’s the primary reason Nadia was so adamant on finding Alan and trying to figure out how to fix their problem together. A bond was created through the process.

Despite it being riddled with messy arguments, one casual night of sexual intercourse, and a lot of shouting, in the end they realized they still need each other. There’s a genuine bond shared between the two.

But, slowly it seems like they might have fallen for each other. Particularly Charlie Barnett’s Alan. In the final scene, where they are marching through the parade Alan’s face expressed absolute joy and excitement.

The engagement ring he was so happy to see return might be the one he was going to use to propose to Nadia. Because, why not? The only constant thing during his back-to-back multiple deaths was Nadia. His issues with Beatrice were reset every single time he died. He was stuck facing them alone over and over again. But Nadia helped him finally get over it and move on in a healthy way.

Alan may have not proposed to Nadia because he wasn’t reunited with his original Nadia. Happy nonetheless, we’re expecting that their relationship might blossom as time goes by.

What Will Happen in Russian Doll Season 2?

There’s no official confirmation of a Russian Doll season 2 as of yet but since it got a lot of positive reviews by critics and fans alike, it’s definitely coming. We’re not sure if the story will even revolved around the same characters or not. There’s a chance that season 2 would have an entirely new plot with different characters. So, unfortunately we might not see much of our beloved Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett on the screens again.

The main actor as well as creator Natasha Lyonne stated that they pitched the show to Netflix with three seasons in mind, and they were in favor of all of them.

“We definitely pitched it as this three-season idea and yet it’s so interesting to think about how that shapes and morphs in the time since making it. Who knows if we’ll be lucky enough to go back down the rabbit hole. … I definitely have ideas that range from the really out-there anthology to staying on board with our friend Nadia. And maybe it’s all one idea.”

So, Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett might be playing an important role or just a cameo in season 2. Since, there’s no official confirmation or trailer for Russian Doll season 2, we can only speculate. But you have got to admit, the possibility of Alan Zaveri proposing to Nadia Vulvokov is exciting!

Charlie Barnett and Natasha Lyonne’s Previous Work

Charlie Barnett is famous for TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Secrets and Lies, Valor, Tales of the City, and movies Private Romeo and Men in Black 3.  Natasha Lyonne is famous for appearing in TV shows such as Orange is the New Black, Ballmastrz 9009 and Portlandia.

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