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Kate Upton Consoles Amy Schumer During her Pregnancy Struggles

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T he popular comedian and #MeToo supporter, Amy Schumer is in her third trimester of pregnancy. And clearly, the journey up till here has not been easy for her. Schumer has been relatively vocal about all the pregnancy complications. In fact, she even compared her pregnant self to Meghan Markle’s sophisticated portrayal of pregnancy. Unfortunately, Schumer has been forced to cancel the remainder of her latest tour, and offer refunds to everyone who had purchased the passes. Even when she finds it embarrassing to cancel, Amy expressed how pregnancy has been treating her lately. And certainly, it’s not very good. But Kate Upton stepped up to her rescue- offering her condolences and assuring her that it all ends very well.

Amy Schumer Seems to be having a troublesome Pregnancy…

Amy Schumer has already expressed that being pregnant is no piece of cake. And she certainly has not enjoyed it all that much. Recently, when she took to Instagram to announce the cancellation of her tour, she also blamed it on pregnancy complications again. And even went on to whine about all the struggles that probably every pregnant woman could relate to.

Schumer claimed that although she and her baby was healthy, and everything looked good, it clearly was not how she felt. She is in her third trimester and almost always nauseous. And she has to vomit all the time, even if she rides for just 5 minutes in a car. She appears to have a very good attitude towards it. But for most of the time, it sucks. Amy also added that she wanted to push through and do the shows because she loves money and stand up comedy. But then again, amidst all pregnancy troubles, she has to pay attention to her health and her baby.

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Kate Upton Assures Amy Schumer That Pregnancy Struggles Will End Well

Kate Upton, who recently gave birth to a baby girl with husband Justin Verlander, stepped up to console Amy underneath her post in which she went on whining about her pregnancy. The recent mother who probably herself has experienced similar troubles and emotions commented assuring Amy that it’s really going to be worth it at the end. And well, really, wouldn’t it be when Amy Schumer gives birth to a happy and healthy child?

Amy Schumer is an American stand-up comedian and actress. Her famous works include I Feel Pretty, Trainwreck and Snatched. Apart from being an activist and vocal #MeToo supporter, Schumer has also launched her own clothing line. What’s probably most interesting about her pregnancy so far is that she recently had a baby shower with the most horrifying cake ever.

Kate Upton is an American model and actress most popular for her roles in The Other Woman, Arnie and Me, and The Layover. Upton is married to Justin Verlander, and the happy couple recently welcomed their first baby girl.


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